Let Me Take You Down Page 32

set of lights but beyond them was a huge round-a-bout covered in freshly cut green grass and in the centre was a four foot wicker statue of an old woman sat in a rocking chair.
    “Were are we Boss, Summerisle?”
Alec drove the car around to the right of the round-a-bout then though the gap between two traffic lights he headed up the road towards the town centre with rows of shops and a car park on the other
    Charlie was surprised by an old brightly painted wooden goods truck the kind steam engines once pulled, it had been filled with multicoloured flowers, Alec moved the car into the centre of the road just before an opening in the on coming traffic.
    As they when right there was a row of late Victorian houses on the right on the left was the grey and glass building Kyra had seen, she saw a familiar coloured sign and a tall blue lamp which proclaimed the building to be Bury Police Headquarters
    Even thought the road was dead end Alec didn’t stop he drove the car past the enormous steps of the entrance, he headed towards the small fence which marked the end of road, but just before he got there he slowed down and turned the wheel left rolled up the almost hidden entrance of the station car park, he stopped the car a few inches way from the red and white barrier which lay above the entrance, just to the right was a small dirty yellow poll with a small intercom.     
     Alec drew the car level with it and let down his window, the intercom buzzed into life
    “Can I help you ?”
Alec reached thought the open window
    “DCI Alec Prideaux, to see DCI Ian Curtis.”
There was no answer from the intercom but the barriers was lifted a few seconds later, The first few rows were full so Alec drove around to the right it was only when he was making his way back towards the entrance, did he see a space which he skilfully put the car into.
    He took a deep breath and undid his seat belt, without saying anything he slowly got out, Kyra put the pages of the report back together and inched her way out, Charlie moved to the right hands side of the seat he used a free hand to open the door being as careful as Kyra had.
    He took out their coats, giving Kyra hers and Alec in turn she gave him the folder, he put on his own, Kyra had made her way around to the back of the car when saw Alec looking up at the fourth floor she couldn’t see what he was looking at, to her all that was in front of her was huge grey pebble building much like the one they had come from.
    “Should I get the boxes ?” she asked to the back of his head
Alec didn’t seem to hear her so she asked again, this time he did turn around but his face didn’t look as if he’d any idea of what had been said
    “Excuse me sorry?”
    “The Boxes,”
Charlie rested his arms over the roof of the car, then the penny dropped
    “No, first we see Ian, then Jenny’s mother.”
He pointed his keys at the car and locked the doors, then taking his coat pushed his hands into the pockets and headed back towards the entrance a few seconds later Kyra and Charlie followed, together they reached the steps
    Entering the station they found themselves stood in a wide reception area it looked more like the reception of a corporate bank then a police station, everywhere was painted in soft warm colours of blue and grey, on their left hand side was a set of three doors inset in the wall, the right side of the room was taken up by a row of soft padded chairs but behind them was a mirrored wall and a small blue door, facing them was a wide desk was a young brunette woman working away at a computer keyboard what was a little odd she was wearing an everyday office suit.
    Alec walked across the floor to her, she looked up as he reached the desk
    “HI can I help you.”
Alec reached to his coat for his ID
    “I’m here to see DCI Ian Curtis, my name is Alec …
He didn’t get to finish because from somewhere above him someone shouted
    Alec looked up to see stood on the branch of the staircase were two people, the first one was a man in the late 30’s dressed in shirt and tie hold a long overcoat this was Ian Curtis just to his right there was a woman in her 20’s with short flaxen coloured hair, unlike Ian she wasn’t dressed for going outside, she wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, Their made there way down the stairs, Charlie and Kyra join Alec  a few seconds later
    “Alec, this Sally Jericho my DS.”
Ian moved to one side, Sally smiled
    “Kyra Harker and Charlie Drym.”
    “I have set up a room for us to work in Sir.”
Alec took out his keys and handed them over to her
    “I, think you will find everything you need.”
Charlie was about offer some help, but Ian put his coat on and headed to the door quickly followed by Alec and Kyra, Charlie smiled at Sally then ran to catch up
    Ian made his way around the car park until he was stood by a sliver family size Toyota Prius, when everyone was set, Ian switched on the engine which gave a soft humming sound in a few seconds they were making it back down the street heading to the round- a-bout, at the junction Ian went left but


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