Pen and Paper

This week I am in the middle of writing two blogs posts and all I keep doing is stopping every five minutes and walking away from it, so there it sits unfinshed, mocking me but each time the same thing.
The question is why ?
Simple I have been using a computer sat with my laptop on my knees tapping away at the keyboard and its not the same.
Pressing on a key filling a blank digital page with words, the pressing another to wipe them all out in a second.
Ok I not going sit here a list of all the things that are good, bad or pointless about using a computer to write a blog post, its not really about it, its really about the feeling I get from holding a pen in my fingers, letting it touch a clean sheet of paper making a mark, inch by inch filling it, making that page wantever, However I spell out each word it will remain forever in my own hand in my own stye in my own way. I just don’t get the same feeling from pressing on the keyboard. I hand worte this out first on a page of paper using a pencil which took five minutes and then ten more minutes more to put it here on the blog using my phone so there’s that


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