Let Me Take You Down Page 31

As they came up to the junction of Bury Old Road Alec kept the car in the left hand lane as they turned the corner he moved into the right as the road became Bury New Road
    “Maybe we should go knocking on doors to find out were she got them from.”
Alec looked up in the mirror again
    “Where would that get us ?”
    “An idea of what kind of person we’re dealing with.” Charlie answered
    “Hmm…Ok what next ?”
Kyra once again ran her fingers though the sheets of paper
    “We another need a word with the other girls.”
    “You think they knew,” Charlie asked
Alec made a small humming sound and tapped his fingers on the wheel
    “I am not sure there was something.”
    “Your both right and that drives me mad, I want to see the girls mother before I decide anything.”
Kyra made a face the movement made Alec twist around and glance across
    “You Ok ?”
    “We keep saying ‘the girl’ or ‘the body’ she was called Jenny, I think we should show some kind…”
    “Sorry Kyra I didn’t think.”
    “I’m just saying is all, I’m guilty of it to, I guess its hard to think about it that’s all.”
As the car travelled up Bury New Road though the lines of traffic  it slowly became Manchester Road and as if there was some how an invisible boarder between Manchester and Bury the weather outside change once again the rain suddenly stopped the heavy black clouds rolled away and the sun appeared.
    Alec couldn’t help himself as he put his foot down on the accelerator pushing the car to 40, there was a feeling deep inside somewhere the pain in his leg begin to pulse a little, Kyra turned to the first page of the file and to the pictures of Jenny, she couldn’t shake the idea that she was looking at two people, there was something in Jenny’s eyes that just wouldn’t go away.
    Charlie want back to sitting behind Kyra, as he did the noticed that Alec put had put his foot down he griped the door handle as he got comfortable, there was something driving Alec but not just the desire to solve the case, he looked up at the mirror to see Alec who gave him a wide smile.
    Alec made the wide sweeping right turn he was still doing 40 he quickly put his foot on the brake causing the back of the car to side and the pages of the report Kyra was holding to fall into the foot well, she did her best to stop the rest, Kyra became aware that the sky was getting dark again, thinking it was only the rain again she didn’t take any mind of it, she sat back up and the car was surround by huge fur trees.
    Coming out of the turn the road became straight, one side was a vast row of the small early Victorian houses on the other however there was a what looked like a Thai/Indian restaurant there was a gap for a side road then a service station selling cars and four wheel drives, then just like Kyra’s side it became houses.
    Still bemused by the layout of the road Kyra started to take more notice, the houses became more and more spaced out until there was a small junctions most of the stream of traffic was slowing down as the lights went from green to amber, Alec was able to catch them just before they fully turned red and made it further down the road without changing gear.
    They passed a second row of houses much bigger than the last, lager front gardens mostly covered by grass lawns and tall healthily looking plants and flowers, there was a gap in the row filled by a Veterinary clinic, a petrol station and a small car dealership.
    Kyra’s view was suddenly blocked by a long single decker bus with a bend in the middle, she couldn’t understand how because it was on the outside lane, looking around she saw that the lane had become a green bus lane, which ended a few yards before a new junction and a set of traffic lights.
    Alec moved back into the left once again they become surround by houses but most of them were on the left hand side, just then Alec saw the bus had made it very close behind them seeing the road in front was clear, he put his foot down creating a gap, in a few seconds the road had opened up to reveal a wide swiping fork around a huge traffic island in the centre of the which had a tall white clock tower giving the time as four o’clock.
    Taking the left of the two roads Alec headed away from the town centre and past a sandy yellow stone building outside of which was parked an old sliver Rolls-Royce and what was a wedding party, Alec pointed the car almost straight a head as if he was going to drive over one of the traffic  island but with a small turn of the wheel he went left and pulled the car up in front of a set traffic lights.
    Looking across the lanes of cars Kyra saw a huge grey and glass building looming out from behind a row of trees and sand stone houses, it looked out of place some how as if it had been dropped in around all this old construction, she looked across at Alec who sat there watching and waiting for the lights to change the was something in his eyes which made them shine a little with excitement, she wasn’t sure but he was smiling.
    Letting his foot slowly from the brake as the light went green, Alec kept the car right as the road way spilt into two lanes, it became a wide sweeping junction as they carried on along it Charlie suddenly tapped the back of Kyra chair and pointed out towards the front window, they were heading for another


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