Let Me Take You Down Page 30

Bill didn’t say anything or take his eyes from the paper he just reached down with one hand it came back up with small box of tissues he put them on the desk and pushed them towards Shannon, she took a handful and used then to wipe away what was left of the rain, Bill stopped reading
    “Sorry Shannon, I think he’s gone out.”
    “What ? out were ?”
    “No idea jut out.”
Shannon made a ball of the tissues
    “Have you tried his mobile.”
Shannon made a face little a child
    “”Look take a seat and let me see if I can find him.”
Shannon didn’t like the sound of that but she strolled over and sat down anyway.
Just then there was the sound of footsteps walking towards the door on the other side of the glass, both Bill and the WPC looked around to see the door open and Hannah come though carrying a stack of reports.
    The WPC put down the phone and helped Hannah by taking the top few flies from her and putting them on the other side of the desk .
    “Hey Bill, have you seen Jon I sent him for a box a hour ago.”
Then Hannah saw Shannon fixing the strap on her shoe, quickly Hannah step backwards out of Shannon’s eye line.
    “She want’s to see Alec.”
    “I bet she does, look any chance of a box.”
Before Bill could answer the internal phone rang.
    “Front Desk.”
There was a few seconds of talking on the other end,
    “Yes Sir, I can do that.”
Bill put the handset back on the wall
    “Naoko could you take our reporter friend up stairs to Superintendent Morley please.”
Naoko nodded and was about to stand when Hannah stopped her
    “I’ll take her up, your alright.”
Bill eyes widened a little and smiled a little at Naoko, then at Hannah
    “If your sure.”
Hannah nodded then made her way to the end of the hallway, Bill moved back to the glass and gave it a little tap.
    “Shannon, I can’t find Alec but I can do a little better, Superintendent Morley would like a word.”
Shannon’s eyes lit up
    “Well that sounds better.”
Bill pressed the door release and there was a loud buzz and Shannon made her way across the floor, but as she reached the door Hannah opened it from the other side, seeing her stood there Shannon’s face changed to one of controlled rage.
     “Thank you,” she said though gritted teeth
Together the two woman walked pass Bill and Naoko.
    “it looks could kill.”
    “Alec has a lot to answer for, I know that much.”
It wasn’t until they there stood in the lift did Hannah say anything
    “Look I didn’t start this so there’s no need to take it out on me.”
Shannon turned her face mad with rage
    “I didn’t see you stopping him, Did you ?”
Hannah quickly tried to think of something to say but the life stopped and the doors open, stood there smiling was Miss Swinburne.
    “Thank you Doctor.”
Shannon walked out of the lift then followed Miss Swinburne down the hallway, as the doors shut Hannah stamped her foot in frustration trying to pull herself back together.
    “Four kind’s of ID ?”
Alec said musing out loud, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, it had been a good ten minutes since anyone had spoke, time enough for them to make it half way up the rest of Bury Old Road as it entered Whitefield, Charlie was gazing out of the window watching a small group people running from the huge down pour and the growing number of umbrellas appearing he blinked as he turned back into the car.
    “Sorry Boss what ?”
    “He was just thinking out loud” Kyra answered
    “Well spotted.”
Kyra flicked though the pages of the report until she found the list of fake names
    “Why would a 16 year old girl carry them.” Charlie asked
    “You don’t know many 16 year old girls.”
    “I guess not, but woman round there age down not up.” Charlie said
    “True, but the bars don’t serve underage girls.”


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