Let Me Take You Down Page 29

Kyra put the radio and the torch back in the glove box and started to put the apple and bars away.
    “Could you pass me that, just roll it down.”
Kyra put the apple on the top of the dashboard so as Alec turned the wheel passing the MEN arena the apple came down towards him, he took one hand off and picked the apple taking a bite.
    “Help yourself to the bars.”
Kyra looked at the bars and shock her head
    “No Thanks.”
She past one of them over to Charlie
    “Thanks Boss.”
He ripped open the bar
    “I think there’s a banana in there to.”
Kyra reached forward again moving a small pile of CD’s and saw a nice ripe banana, she carefully took it out making sure not to disturb anything and with a nod of thanks to Alec began to eat.
Alec glanced at Charlie
    “I don’t know how you can eat a thing like that ?”
    “There in your car.”
    “But I didn’t put them there, my sister did for her kids.”
Kyra looked across at Alec
    “You have a sister ?”
    “Two and a nephew and nice.”
Kyra didn’t say anything just smiled a little, she didn’t want to push it so she changed the subject.
    “Would you mind ?” she asked lending towards the radio
    “Sure go a head.”
Kyra pushed the button and the radio lit up a few seconds later a female voice came on.
    “The time is now 3 o’clock, here are the news headlines, A body has been found in a Manchester canal, Calls for Bury North MP to resign grow and President Barack Obama visits…”
    Was as far as the voice got because Alec pushed a button on the wheel cutting her off, As Cheethill Road became Bury Old Road the sky around them darken with rain clouds and the traffic became heavier.
    “It looks like rain.”
The clouds split and the rain started to fall, Alec switched on the windscreen wipes as around them all the other cars did the same, Alec took a deep breath as they came to a set of traffic light he had to change down, Kyra finished her banana and put the peel in the ash tray, a few seconds later it was joined by Alec’s apple core.

     Back in Manchester the rain hadn’t broke yet as Shannon drove her little sliver Nissan micra all the way across the city from the newspaper offices heading to the station, she had a half can of redbull between her knees and her iphone pushed up against her left shoulder, she pulled the car up at a set of traffic lights as they changed from green to red the phone slipped down and hit the can knocking it over, the golden fizzy liquid started to pour out into foot well.
    She swore out loud reaching down with her left hand, she stood the can back-up and then tried reaching for the phone but as she did the lights changed sitting back up pushing her long crimson hair out of her eyes she quickly gain control of her car she pulled away.
    Getting half way up Rochdale Road she moved closer to the centre of the road until she was level with the empty land that faced the station, seeing a gap in the on coming traffic she made the turn and crossed the right hand lane, then mounted the pavement and drove onto the land a few seconds later switched off the engine.
    Taking off her seat she bent down once again to find her phone which was now sat face down in the middle of small pool of redbull using her finger tips she picked it up and waved it in the air a few times to dry it off, happy she put on the spare seat, she removed the can from between her knees, opening the door she put in on the ground and putting one foot each side of the can got out of the car.
    Making her was around it she pulled the passage door taking out her phone then her long blue wool coat, she put the phone in her pocket and then as she put on the coat she checked she a tape recorder with her.
    Locking the car she walked away but almost put her right foot in huge pot hole full of water just as her foot was going to hit the surface she looked down and stopped, stepping to one side she walked across the ground more carefully and just she reached the pavement again the rain came down in enormous sheets, quickly she did her best to keep some of the rain out by buttoning up her coat.
    Putting her head down into her coat she ran all the way across the road without looking either way reaching the other side she glanced up for a second then ran up the steps, thankfully the doors split open as she entered, standing just inside of the door she slowly unbuttoned the coat shaking some of the rain off it, she pushed her right hand thought her wet hair trying to stop it from sticking to the of her jacket.
    Still reading his newspaper was Bill this time he wasn’t alone sat at the desk just behind him was a flaxen haired WPC talking into a phone and making notes on a pad of paper, Shannon rested one arm across the desk and took a breath, the rain still dripping from her face
    “Hi Bill, is he here ?”


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