Let Me Take You Down Page 28

“What !”
“Power napping ?”
“Sorry Boss.”
As long as you’ve done counting sheep, go and get our stuff back.”
“What ?”
“Go back and get the case files and meet me in the car park.”
A little puzzled Charlie stood up and was half way out the door when he turned back.
    “Just one more thing, What about Kyra ?”
Alec clicked his fingers.
    “Good point, I’ll go get her you get the flies.”
Feeling a little disappointed Charlie headed out the door,
Alec reached down to the left hand of his desk opening the draw he dug around taking out a small yellow tennis ball, he started to bounce it on the desktop a few times as he worked thought the file, when he got to the last few pages he started to bounce the ball quicker and quicker, until not really thinking about it he threw the ball across the room with such force that it bounced off the wall and came back to rest by his right elbow.
Kyra was sat on the small bench in the female changing room in front of her open locker still dressed in her suit, she had been like this for ten minutes not really wanting to go back to uniform she glanced down at the time and gave it a little smile, she stood up finally really when another WPC came in.
“There’s a DCI looking for you.”
“Where ?”
Kyra looked down at her time sheet, making a face she picked it up and walked outside to see who it was, stood outside lending on the wall was a very nervous Alec rolling a tennis around in his hands.
    “I am gland I found you.”
    “I yes Sir… I was hoping you would sign this.”
    “Sorry no I don’t think so.”
Kyra’s face fell
    “The case isn’t over and I need you.”
Kyra lit up and she almost dropped the sheet.
    “Now go and do whatever is you need and meet me in the car park in ten minutes.”
Alec smiled the walked away, leaving Kyra just stood there a little stunned but pleased, she walked back into the changing searching for her phone.
    Charlie made his way though the maze once again carrying the two boxes out of the station into the car park, Reaching the door he put them down and pushed down on the bar release with a loud buzz it sung outward but as he reached down it sung back a slammed shut, he tired again but this kicked the bottom box into the gap so the door didn’t shut.
    Making his way thought and around the cars, he found the boxes getting heavier and heavier about half way he had to put them down and catch his breath, he made it to his car a few minute later
    As Kyra as walked around into the car park she was filled with a mix of nervous excitement and shock she thought about both Alec and Charlie, one just another DS lap dog and the other, No she knew that wasn’t right for a start Charlie had a soft Cornish accent and a warm light in his eyes so what kind of story did that tell, and as for Alec he’d picked her out from all the other WPC’s but there was something more.
    Walking around the corner she found Charlie opening the boot of his car loading boxes, he smile when he saw her she couldn’t help but smile back.
    “Well it looks you’re stuck with me.”
Kyra was about to reply but from the inside of Charlie’s coat his phone started to ring
    “Hello ?”
A few seconds later he turned around to look across the car park, puzzled Kyra did the same. Alec was stood by his own car with a phone in his right hand, he gave them both a wave.
    No one said anything until Alec had drove out of the car park and towards the centre of the city, Charlie was sat in the back this time behind Kyra, the other half of seat was covered with Alec long black coat.
    “Ok Boss I give up where we going ?”
Alec didn’t answer all he did was take his left hand off the wheel and reached into his pocket taking out a folded page of paper he pass it over to Kyra, on it was the address Tony had given that, Kyra pass it back to Charlie.
    “So I am map reading then.”
Kyra leant forward in her seat.
    “No Thanks.”
But it was to late Kyra had opened the glove box and most all of things in it fell out as Alec turned the car left onto Miller Street, the first thing to fall was Alec’s police radio, an apple, two cereal fruit bars and lastly a powerful LED torch which rolled around in the foot well, Kyra reached down and picked up the torch then the radio, Charlie gave her a puzzled looked
    “Boss you should have given that back ages ago.”


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