Let Me Take You Down Page 27

Alec made his way across the floor to the door, looking back over his shoulder he smiled and walked  towards the door. The lift reached the third floor with a soft bump, as the doors opened Alec almost ran the few feet to Superintendent Morley’s door.
    “Is he in ?”
    “Yes but…”
Alec didn’t wait for Miss Swinburne, he just walked over and open the door, Morley this time was stood facing the bookcase with his back to the door, on his desk was a copy of the same newspaper Bill had, at the top of the page in two inch black ink were the words.
    “Young Girl Found in Canal.”
    “Sit down Alec.”
Alec sat down slowly his anger fading a little, Morley walked across the room and stood behind his desk
    “I am not happy.”
    “It’s wasn’t my fault Sir.”
Morley waved a hand in the air stopping Alec,
    “So what did you find out ?” he asked sitting down
Alec took a deep breath the anger now gone, it took him a good 20 minutes to run through all the events of the morning, when he was down all Morley did was to look down at the newspaper.
    “Well ?”
    “Tell me, why run into my office as if you’re my five year old granddaughter scarred of a bee.”
Alec didn’t know what to say.
    “I know its kind of you to understand but I’m on your side Alec.”
Alec knew what was coming next but he didn’t let it show on his face
    “I asked you to find out who this poor girl was and you’ve done that, it’s not your fault most of it ended up in the papers.”
Alec opened his mouth but couldn’t think of anything to say
    “So I think its only fair to tell you that it’s going to get worse and you better use to it, the paper is going to co-operate but at a price.”
Alec wasn’t sure what was happening
    “Go, finish what you started.”
Morley nodded towards the office door
    “Thank you Sir.”
As Alec walked out of the room he wasn’t sure he thought he heard the sound of a newspaper being thrown into a metal bin.
    “I’m sorry about before.”
    “That’s alright you should see him when the Commissioner’s been here, the air is blue for a week.”
    “It looks as if I’m going to need all the friends, I have soon.”
    “Go do your job, Alec.” She said cheerfully
Back in the sit room Kyra and Charlie were taking down the pictures and putting them into brown envelopes and then into a big plastic.
    Charlie had started this a few minutes after Kyra had told want Jenny’s father had said and Alec disappearing upstairs,
As they worked she was thinking what it would be like facing the girls back in the office, Charlie was thinking about what Alec would be like for the next two weeks.
    “I’m sorry about this I really am.”
    “What do you think going on up there ?”
    “Same thing that always happens.”
Charlie picked up the wipe board eraser.
    “You seem to be taking this all very calmly.”
Suddenly the door open and in walked Bill, stuck to his right hand was a small yellow post it note.
    “Where’s that DCI of yours.”
    “Still upstairs.”
    “Well tell there’s a reporter looking for him.”
He walked over to Kyra and gave her the note, then left the room on the note Bill had written a phone number and a name, Charlie went back to cleaning the board, Kyra put the note on the table and started to pack the box.
    “I know its not much but I will have a word to see that you get DI rate.”
Charlie there watching Kyra enjoying the movement he saw as she turned to face him, he then realised want he was doing, but all she did was smile
    “It’s alright, it was nice seeing want real police work is like.”
Alec walked up the corridor whistling to himself but as he reached the office door he hear the sound of Charlie’s breathing, he slowly opened the door to see Charlie had his feet up on his desk his arms hanging down each side his chair asleep.
    Alec walked slowly into the room, he noticed a small brown file with the words ‘Operation Sapphire’ sitting on his own desk, he smiled a little then walked over the Charlie and with one hand pushed his feet off the desk


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