Let Me Take You Down Page 26

“I am a very busy man Officer.”
    “I don’t really want to talk out here, if we could just step inside.”
Tony eyes narrowed,
    “Very well,”
Tony stepped aside and Alec into the shop, around the both were rows upon rows of electronics, televisions, cookers, computers and even a few washing machines, Alec had the feeling than they on the only ones there.
    “Now what’s this all about ?”
    “I am sorry Sir, But.”
    “Its Jenny is isn’t.”
    “Yes Sir I am afraid its.”
Tony’s legs almost gave way but he reached out griping on to a washing machines
    “She’s not in the hospital is she ?”
    “No Sir, she was found this morning,”
    “Were, Why… I don’t understand ? Was there accident.”
    “We don’t know at this time Sir.”
Tony’s looked more relived,
    “ I want to see her, I need to.”
Alec took out his phone and dialled a number, Still shaking Tony began to tidy himself up.
    An hour later Tony, Alec and Charlie were sat around the  table in an interview room, Kyra came in the room carrying a mug of coffee with she put down next to Tony she smiled and went to stand next to the door.
    Tony his hands around the cup trying still to take in all that was happening,
    Charlie took out his note pad and a pen
    “I know it hard Sir, but I would like to ask you a few questions?”
    “What the point ? You should be out there finding out what happened.”
    “Sir, I need a place to start, Does Jenny live with you.”
    “No her mother, my ex-wife in Bury.”
    “Could I have her address ?”
Without hesitation Tony quickly answered.
    “45 Canterbury Drive, She was only 16 I don’t understand.”
Tony looked down into the mug.
    “I can’t do this, not now, I need I..”
Alec nodded at Charlie who shut his note pad and stood up,
    “My Sergeant here will take you home.”
Without an other word Tony followed Charlie to the door, but he stopped as Charlie open the opened it.
    “DCI, I only want to know one thing, was she…”
    “No Sir,”
Alec jut sat there as Tony and Charlie walked away,
    “What happens now Sir ?”
    “Its over, Jenny came from Bury so that’s it.”
    “Sorry but I don’t understand.”
    “It means we hand over the case and your back in uniform sorry.”
    “Oh Ok.”
Alec  drummed his fingers on the desk for a few seconds and left the room himself heading to his office Kyra walked over to the mug and sitting down on one of the chair pulled it close
    With his hands deep in his pockets he headed the crossroads then changed his mind he need fresh air, opening the into the reception he didn’t see the woman stood at the desk.
    “Hey, Alec how’s it going ?”
Looking up he saw a young woman in her early 20’s wearing a pin stripe suit and carrying a small brown briefcase, Alec tried his best to smile.
    “Not bad Amy, What brings you here ?” he asked tying to sound happier then he felt
He walked up to her and they hugged
    “Speeding tickets.”
    “Well its nice to see you again.”
She started to head outside and Alec followed
    “Same here, look I am going on holiday but when I get beck maybe you me, and Stephen do something.”
    “Sure I’ll give you a ring.”
    “You promise,” she asked smiling warmly
They hugged again then Amy walked away, feeling a little better Alec  made his way inside
    Bill was still behind the glass but this time he had a midday copy of the Manchester Evening News paper.
    “What did you forget this time ?”
    “Excuse me ?”
Bill looked up from the paper,
    “Sorry Alec I thought you were Miss Harris.”


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