Let Me Take You Down Page 25

The wheels turned in Alec’s mind pressing out a theory.
    “Blake ?”
    “If you knew, why did you ask ?”
    “I had to make sure.” Kyra said slowly
Jordan started to get her bag from under the bench
    “I’m going home now and you’re not stopping me.”
    “Would you like a lift back.”
Jordan stood up to walk away putting the beach between herself and Alec
    “No away.”
Kyra stood but next to Jordan
    “All we want to do is see you safely home.”
Jordan looked around the now empty gallery, she took a deep breath
    “Ok you win, but tell the others.”
Alec nodded toward Charlie who went after her.
    “Hope you know what you’ve doing.”
Reaching the car Charlie walked over to the drivers door, Jordan and Kyra got in the back and Alec took Jordan’s bag putting it in the foot well
      Slowly Charlie repeated the journey back to the house, even before Charlie had switched off the engine Jordan opened her door, Alec opened his door blocking her path she made a face but didn’t say anything he reached down and handed her bag back., Jordan walked into the house, Alec only a few steps behind,
Inside sitting around the coffee table sharing pizza and two bottles of wine, were three girls a burgundy haired one wearing jeans and a black Costa Coffee shop T-shirt, and two blondes dressed in a blue and red flower dress, last girl had a black short skirt and green jumper, as Jordan opened the door on of the blondes stood up with a huge wide smile
    “We started without you.”
Her face changed when Jordan stepped to one side revealing Alec standing in the doorway.
    “My name is DCI Alec Prideaux.” He said holding out his warrant card
None of the girls said anything but the blonde who had been speaking to Jordan glanced across towards the kitchen.
    “What can we do for you ?”
    “It’s about Jenny .”
    “Why what happened ?”
Alec waited until he could feel Kyra standing at his side,
    “I understand that one of you can get in touch with her father.”
The girl in the short skirt stepped forward.
    “Yes I can but why ?”
    “Something happened didn’t it ?” the burgundy haired girl asked
    “You tell them.”
    “Something happened didn’t it ?” the girl asked again
    “I would like to talk to her father first.”
The girl in the short skirt reached across the floor to a handbag looking for a mobile, the other girls just sat there, but Jordan walked over the to the table and took one of the half wine glasses, she poured more of the wine into it and sat down in the arm chair,
    The girl past Alec her mobile which shown two numbers and he copied both of them down and walked out of the room into the kitchen, using his own phone he did a quick internet search and in a few seconds he had an address, he walked back into the room.
    “Did you speak to him ?”
Alec didn’t say anything just he just walked into the middle of the room and put one of his cards in the centre of the table the  nodded at Kyra who stood up and walked out of the room with him.
    Half an hour later Alec  and Charlie were stood outside a row  of house at the top of Waterloo Road a few of the homes had lights in the windows and sounds of life all but number 35, as Alec banged on the door a second time it became very clear that no one was home.
    “Should we wait“  Charlie asked
    “Ok sure, If I am not back meet at the bottom of the road in ten minutes.”
Charlie watched as Alec walked down the road and disappeared,
    Alec turned left into a side street and then into a car park warehouse over the huge doorway was a sign ‘Electric Dreams- Discount store’ but the as he reached the huge set of glass doors he saw that there were two metal stutter pulled and locked, Alec knocked a few times but  unlike the house answer came back as the stutter was lifted and doors were unlocked by a man in his late 30’s wearing a pair of light brown trousers and blue shirt but no shoe on his feet it looked as if he’d just got dressed
    “Mr Evans, “ Alec asked
    “Yes I am Tony Evans.”
    “My name is name is DCI Alec Prideaux.”
Alec show his warrant card
    “What can I do for you ?, How I can help you”
    “Can I come inside please Sir.”


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