The Flow of Power

As the dust begins to settle from fall out from the winter storms, that has left half the Sumerset Levels up to this knees in water and the coast of  Britain rebuilding there defences,
I want to talk about Alternative Power Technology which could help in future a hopefully solve two problems in go,
We shall use the Village of Muchelney and the River Parrett idea of what could happen for the last two and half mouths the people living there have been flooded out of there own house yet its only that the Ministry Of  Defence have been called in to support them at there hour of need.
And the answer to all this is pump out all the water back into the river Parrett and dredge the river beds, and this is only happening because Mr Owen Paterson wanted to go Muchelney and play the hero of the hour which as you could tell pissed off a lot people.
So this is want should happen we dredge the river beds so the they can take back  the water but also put in a  Micro-Hydro System which not only can be a very efficient and convenient form of renewable electricity, but will have the added affect of making the government paying more attention to the people of Muchelney as they would have maintain the system
I can hear you yelling want about th the cost of thing so here are the numbers
The basic equipment for a 1kW off-grid battery charging system might cost £5,000-£6,000 plus installation costs. It might be possible to DIY a small scheme for under £10,000 and in some situations this could be cheaper than paying grid-connection costs. The total cost of a Pelton turbine producing
5kW from a 25m head might be £25,000 professionally installed, less if DIY. Larger systems can cost tens of thousands of pounds. There is an economy of scale – a 5kW system may only cost 50% more than a 2kW system
    Ok that sound one hell of a lot of money but here’s my point each time that the Village floods and the MOD have to be called in want are the cost of that all broken hearts and ruined homes and for what ?
    If we used the system here, we will have one Village off grid generating power and creating jobs  for the for see able future  who’s not this can be rolled out on broader scale we an inland after all the power of water flows all around use and I think it’s about time we used it.   


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