Let Me Take You Down Page 24

were small marble benches there were full of people each gazing up at the pictures some were reading from guide books and the others were just enjoying the view.
       As Alec walked past one bench he came across a man with long brown hair sat crossed legged with a small pad of paper and pencil, carefully copying what he saw, Alec read the name of the painting ‘The Birth of Pandora, James Barry’ Charlie was on the other side of the gallery not really looking at the pictures or the people he had moved to the corner by the second doorway, he watched the ceiling fan spin a few times, then traced the white marble which ran around the room and the wall,
    His eyes moved down the wall until he drew level with one picture, it was a cheetah and stag, the cheetah was being held by two men dressed in white robes it looked as if they were about to set the cheetah on the poor stag, the idea shocked him, he wanted to turn but there was something in the back of his mind keeping him from doing so.
    Kyra was moving around the benches with the photograph in hand glancing at the faces by the time she had made her way though the gallery, she’d made sure that Jordan wasn’t any were in it.
    Searching for Alec and Charlie her eyes came across the room they fell on a picture it was one of the favours every time she came here it was the first thing she looked at, she knew it off by heart even from here ‘Fortress of Konigstein, Courtyard with the Brunnenhaus’ she remembered the first time she’d tried to say it out loud and how he’d helped her and how that had been the start of it all. A cold shiver ran down her body suddenly she forgot why she was there.
    Alec glanced around the gallery  around he saw Charlie stood looking puzzled then at Kyra who had a few away look in her eyes, He walked over to Charlie first.
    “Seen our girl.”
He just shook his head and together they walked over to Kyra, Charlie stopped a few feet away but Alec carried on.
    “Time to go.”
Kyra almost jumped three feet in the air
    “Sorry I didn’t mean…”
Kyra blinked a few times then smiled
    “We best get a move on.”
Kyra walked away, Alec glanced at the picture but all he saw was a French Style courtyard puzzled all he could do was gave a small grin then on his heel and followed Kyra and Charlie into the second gallery.
    Just like the last it was set out only in the centre next to the benches were two glass display cases in which were gold and blue porcelain vases, just a few feet away was a young girl sat on her own starring into one of the cases with a book on her knees and every so often her head went down reading.
    Kyra checked the photo and looked over to Alec giving him a little nod, she walked over and sat down one side of the girl, Alec took the other.
    “Jordan ?”
    “What, who are you ?”
Alec reached into his pocket taking out his warrant card.
    “All I need is your help with a picture.”
    “Well this place is full of them.”
Kyra reached into her coat and took out the picture
    “So what ?”
    “All we need is a name.”
Alec pointed a finger across the photograph
    “Why want’s happen, who were you people ?”
Alec put his warrant card on top of the photograph.
    “Jordan, could you please tell us who the girls is?” Kyra asked softly
    “Something’s happen, what’s going on, tell me.”
Alec took a deep breath
    “Jordan, I’m going to tell you something very important the young girl in the photo was found this morning in the canal.”
The colour in Jordan’s face drained away
    “No, I don’t believe you ! Who are you people ?”
Jordan tried to stand up but Alec put a hand out
    “Jordan, We’re the police you’ve seen my ID.”
    “I don’t believe you, people can fake things like that.”
People in the galley were starting to look around at them, one young blonde haired lad even began to walk towards them Charlie stopped him a smile
    “Jordan, you know I am telling the truth and a lot to take in, but please I only want a name.”
    “But I don’t understand …”
Jordan looked around at Kyra.
    “Jordan, we can’t find the others so we need your help.”
    “Well she’s really a friend of Deborah’s and Elli’s…Oh my god.”
Jordan’s fingers gripped around her book
    “What’s the matter ?”
    “Well, Elli going out with Jenny’s father.”


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