Let Me Take You Down Page 23

“No sorry I don’t, I haven’t been up here since the girls moved in.”
Alec came out of the room with a odd look on his face, he slowly walked pass Charlie and Mr Haswari.
    Kyra opened the cupboard slowly not really looking for anything just the water tank but as she looked inside she saw that around the copper pipes was a small plant which had the same shaped leaves as the other, she shut the door and took one last look around then walked out of the room to find the others.
    Back in the big bedroom, Alec was now sat crossed legged on the chair drumming his fingers on the desktop, Mr Haswari was sat on the side of the bed, Charlie was stood looking though the pictures again.
    “Could I have a word.” Kyra asked
But before Alec could say anything there was the sound of a phone ringing down stairs, without a word Kyra made her way down to it, but as she reached the bottom of the stairs the answering machine kicked in
    “Amanda its me, I am going to see that Paul Morrison thing a so save me so pizza.”
There was a loud click as the phone was put down, Alec and Mr Haswari made there way down stairs as Kyra pressed the rewind button.
    “Which one of the girls was that ?”
    “Jordan I think.”
Kyra replayed the message,
    “Yes Jordan.”
Suddenly Alec’s face changed, he quickly reached inside his jacket and handed Mr Haswari a card
    “Thank you for you time Sir, we’ll be in touch if we need you again.”
Mr Haswari looked a little puzzled but nodded then walked back into the sitting room for him coffee, Kyra was more puzzled when Alec just smiled then leaning on the banister rail called up to Charlie, A few minutes later they were all getting into the car again.
    “Boss would you mind telling me were we’re going.”
    “Finding Jordan.”
    “Why don’t we just wait here ?”
    “I want to see them one by one.”
Then the penny dropped for her, she understood and gave Alec a knowing smile, which Charlie saw as he backed out on to the road
    “What’s the big secret ?”
    “There growing pot, so what do you think they will say about our missing girl.”
Getting to the end of the road Charlie still had no idea were they were going, he looked over to Alec.
    “The Art Gallery.”
Trying to find a parking space was a pain for Charlie. The Art Gallery was in the centre of the city and very easy to find, but by the time they reached it was late in the afternoon the nice weather of the morning had almost vanished so all the roads were full of cars and people moving around quickly, as they made it behind the gallery on to Faulker Street heading towards the China Town archway for the second time.
    “There’s one.”
Charlie hit his brakes hard and pulled the car into reverse carefully rolled the car into a space between a sliver BMW and a small white builders van.
    “Nice one Charlie.”
Kyra walked out of the car park and under the green red Chinese gazebo, as she the did the wonderful smells from the Chinese restaurants on the corner of the street filled the air, she had lived in the city all her but still couldn’t get over the fact that were was always something new to see and hear.
    To Charlie’s eyes the gallery was just an old building, cold and damp which didn’t look right suck in between all the new glass and steel and the Metrolink,
    Kyra found the whole astonishing each room was full of paintings from every corner of the world, a snapshot taking her to places she could only dream of. For Alec the building held on such feelings all it reminded him of was the RAF headquarters his father had once been posted to.
      Walking under the huge stone pillows to the entrance and though the door they found themselves stood in a wide lofty entrance way, in the centre was a small rack full of white leaflets, behind this was an even wider stairwell and at each side both left and right were doorways leading to the other parts of the gallery.
    Alec made this way right across the stone floor over to the huge wall map of the gallery which hung next to the stairs, Charlie changed direction and headed over to the leaflet stand.
    But Kyra carried on walking, she was half way up the stairs when she noticed that she was on her own, putting two fingers in her mouth and gave a long sharp whistle causing Alec, Charlie and a small group of people to turn around and look up.
    “This way gang.”
Quickly Alec and Charlie  made there way to her
    “You’re not the only one who’s been here.”
At the top of the stair, they found a second doorway filled with glass doors, Kyra pushed them open and walked inside, All the gallery walls were full of oil paints of numerous sizes, in the middle of the room


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