Let Me Take You Down Page 22

He stood up nodding towards Charlie who took his place in the armchair
    “I have a few questions about the girls.”
Was all Alec heard as he shut the door and made his way into the kitchen, Kyra was leaning on the side of the countertop watching and waiting for the kettle to boil, there was only one mug stood waiting for the hot water.
    “They have very funny plants in this house.”
Kyra had taken one of the leaves from the plant and laid it flat, the kettle made a loud click and switched itself off.
    Alec poured the water into the cup filling the room with the smell of coffee, Kyra took out a bottle of milk and handed it over, Alec turned the black coffee into dark brown.
    “Time to have a better look around.”
He picked up the cup and headed back into the sitting room
    “And they always paid their rent on time ?”
    “Yes always on time.”
Alec made his way into the room, putting the coffee down in front of Mr Haswari, who nodded his thanks, turning to Charlie, Alec made his way around to the spare armchair.
    “Mr Haswari was just telling me about the girls and that they are at University.”
    “Would you have any idea were they are now?”
    “No Sorry I don’t, I only know that two of the girls work,”
    “Do you have any idea were ?”
    “One in a TV shop and the other in a coffee house near St. Peters square.”
Alec didn’t like the sound of that even in that small area of the city there was about ten coffee shops.
    “Ok thank you, Now I would like t ask for a favour.”
Mr Haswari picked up his coffee and took a small mouthful and looked a little puzzled, Alec smiled
    “We would like to look over the rest of the house if we may.”
    “Anything to help.”
He put down his mug and taking Charlie a little off guard stood up, The three of them made there way out of the room at the foot of the stairs was Kyra scaring though the pictures on the wall again.
    Alec was the first up the stairs followed by Mr Haswari a few steps behind were Kyra and Charlie, the stairs ended in a small landing with four doors,
    Kyra moved around Charlie so she was stood next to the last door, she pushed it open wider to reveal it was the bathroom made up of a light blue and white suite, walking inside Kyra saw the whole place had been cleaned sometime in the last few hours all the bottles of shampoo’s and cosmetics products were all in neat rows on two shelves just next to a small cupboard which covered the heater and water tank
    Alec, Mr Haswari and Charlie had made it into the first bedroom, which was just above the sitting room and just as big. Like the front room before it there was only four pieces of furniture, a double bed, wardrobe, desk and chair
    Charlie saw one wall had been completely covered by photographs of people performing on stage, on the other side there was a cast lists and small head and shoulder shots, Charlie walked over to them in the hopes of a match.
    Alec walked over to the bed and sat down, still a little unsure about what was going on Mr Haswari stood by the open door watching, Alec pushed the chair out of the way with  his foot so he could see under the desk, there was a loud metal sound both Mr Haswari and Charlie moved closer to see why.
    Alec knelt over and pulled out a small green metal box, turning it around he saw a small padlock so he pushed it back into place, standing up he looked over at Charlie who shock his head
    “Ok let’s move on.”
All three of them walked back onto the landing and into the second bedroom much like the last it was the same kind of layout and almost in the same place only the desk was in the middle of the bay window.
    Alec walked over to the desk and resting one arm on the top looking under it, but not seeing anything he sat down in the chair, Mr Haswari watched as Charlie walked over to the wardrobe but he didn’t find anything
    “Let’s try the last.”
The last room was at the end of the landing and the smallest of all, in fact all it was a space at the end of the landing with a door so the bed didn’t fall down the stairs, Charlie opened the putting his head around it to look inside, but in a few seconds he brought it back
    “Mr Haswari, how many people did you say live here?”
    “four girls.”
    “What’s the matter Charlie ?”
Charlie didn’t say anything say anything he pushed open the door, the room had been stripped, the bed had no sheets, the small chest of draws had been pulled out and emptied in fact there was no sign of any kind of personnel item in the whole room, Mr Haswari’s yes went wide, but Alec stepped inside and started to look around.
    “Could you tell which of the girls had this room.”
Mr Haswari shock his head


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