Let Me Take You Down Page 21

the shelves were full of DVD’s, books and computer games, it was clear that it was  a household without a strong male feel all the DVD and computer games featured very strong single female role models and that didn’t not objectify woman, in fact one or two of them Kyra had herself.
    Moving down the shelves she found that the books were all classic literature mostly 19th and 20th century the next were textbooks on or about fine art, looking around the room again her eyes fell on the TV screen sick in the centre was a small pink post it note, Standing up out of the chair she walked over to it she was able to see that someone had written something, putting the front door on the small table.
    Alec had found the third door lead into the small galley kitchen with a cooker and a spilt level freezer covered in pictures, it looked as if no-one ever used it, the whole place was clean from top to bottom all the worktops had been washed down. Alec saw that on the window sill was a miniature brown pot with want looked like a tomato plant but something about the leaves didn’t seem right.
He opened the freezer and saw that each shelve was full of food in the centre was half a chocolate cake with white piping without thinking he used his little finger tasted the piping without leaving a mark.
    Sitting the door he scanned the first few pictures for a likeness of the girl about halfway though he found what he was looking for, moving the magnet so he could see the photo if fell off and slipped onto the floor, he slowly bent down and began reading for it, unlike the ones in the hallway this one showed five girls all sat around a table in a night club, two of the girls who sat in the middle had brunette hair and the other girls on the end had black moving the picture a little closer Alec saw that the blonde girl matched the one laying in cold storage
    “Boss you in here ?”
Turning around Alec saw Charlie stood in the doorway holding a white tissue in one hand.
    “Rule one, Charlie .”
    “Sorry Boss.”
Charlie pocketed the tissue and let against the door frame
    “Never mind follow me.”
Charlie backup into the hallway as Alec made his way out of the kitchen
    “Kyra ?”
She was sat in a armchair flicking though one of the art books, Alec handed her the picture
    “Looks like our girl.”
    “So what’s our next move then Boss ?”
Looking across the room Alec saw the post it note, But just as he was about to ask there was a loud knock on the front door, then the sound of feet walking up the hallway, the door opened slowly and everyone turned to see.
    In the doorway was the landlord this time wearing a shirt and tie, Kyra stood up with a hand out in welcome
    “Mr Haswari, this is DCI Prideaux and DS Drym.”
Alec was the first to stand
    “Thank you for your help so far Sir.”
    “Anything I can do to help find this girl.”
Mr Haswari walked into the room and sat down on the settee, Kyra handed over to Charlie
    “I have a question for you, could you tell me who the girls are please.”
Charlie gave Mr Haswari the picture he glanced down at of a few minutes as he reached the left side face changed from one of the knowledge to one of puzzlement
    “I know four of them but not the younger girl.”
Charlie took out his notebook
    “Could you tell me about the girls you do know.”
Kyra smiled at them both
    “Who’s for coffee ?”
Alec shock his head, Charlie just looked down at his notebook, Mr Haswari smiled
    “Thank you, yes.”
Kyra disappeared into the kitchen
    “You said you knew four to them, it would be of help if you could tell me their names.”
Without  pause Mr Haswari gave an answer
“Amanda Lowell, Deborah Bradbury, Jordan May and the fourth is just Elli.”
“Do any of the following names mean anything, “Mary O’Brien, Isobel O’Brien, Catherine O’Brien and Bernadette O’Brien.”
“Again I am not sure.”
“I do have a second picture if you wouldn’t mind taking a look.”
Alec watched Mr Haswari very carefully, as he picked out a picture from the file, there was a flicker of something in the Mr Haswari eyes as he saw the girl
    “Yes I have seen her before.”
    “Do you have any idea of her name.”
    “Sorry no I just know I have seen her here a few times.”
Alec just nodded his head,
    “I just changed my mind, please excuse me.”


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