Let Me Take You Down Page 20

For Charlie he wasn’t looking at anything like that, for him the house was a prison cell all be it a very conformable one, four walls, a few double glazed windows and soft beds but it was still a prison cell.
    “I think they maybe out at work.” Kyra said
    “There students they don’t work.”
Both Alec and Kyra looked at Charlie,
    “Well there’s only one way to find out.”
Alec walked up to the front door and banged heavily on the bottom panel with his right fist
    Nothing happen so Alec tried again only this time louder, Charlie looked up at the house to see if there was any kind of movement inside, Kyra walked to the end of the driveway and glanced along the road.
    “I think you woke up the whole street.”
Across the street a front door opened and an old Indian man stepped out onto his own driveway watching what was happening
    “He looks like a nosy old man.”
Kyra smiled at him then want across the road, Charlie made his way back over to Alec, who had given up banging on the door
    “Were did Kyra go.”
    “Neighbourhood Watch.”
    “Never mind go and find an open window.”
Alec waited until Charlie had moved around the back of the house then started to move long the borders of the driveway and flowerbed, searching under the smaller rocks for a key not finding anything he went back to the car.
    Charlie on the other hand was having even worst luck he get three thirds of the way around  the right side of the house when he was shopped by a huge wood gate which was to high to scale, also it had a solid pad lock half way up he rattled it a few times but it wasn’t going everywhere, so there was nothing for it but to go back.
    Kyra was having the best of all three in fact she had truck gold the old man turned out to be the landlord. After a few minutes of explanation and a little charm she was given the spare key, Thanking the old man she made her way back over.
    Alec was leading over the roof of the car with his phone in his hands and Charlie was sat in the drivers seat playing with the radio, Without a word Kyra made her way to the front door and unlocked it
    “You two going to sit there all day.”
Standing up Charlie hit his head on the roof as he switched off the radio and then followed Alec to the front door, Kyra pushed open the door but Alec was the first to step inside, But Charlie let Kyra walk in next
    “Clever girl.”
Kyra pulled out her tongue at him and smiled.
    They stood in a huge blue pained hallway on their right was a set of stairs on the other were two doors and at the end of the hallway was a third door, Looking around Alec saw a small table just by the front door with a land line phone sat on top.
    He walked over and picked up the hand set pressed 1471 shaking his head he put it down, Kyra and Charlie had started to look along the walls after seeing a group of pictures just above Alec’s head, in fact the whole wall was covered, they all showed the same sat of three girls at different time and places of the day and night mostly in the bars and clubs around the city
    “Ok we each take a room.”
Charlie pushed open the first door, of what would have been the front room, only this was set as a bedroom in more soft blues and light yellows.
    Stood facing the bay window was a double bed just to the left was a small table with a little pink lamp, in the alcove by the fireplace was a small wardrobe, deeper into the room Charlie shut the door and saw that there was a desk and small folding chair .
    He walked around until he reached the wardrobe digging into his pockets he pulled out a small packet of tissues taking out one he covered his right hand and slowly opened the wardrobe inside was a full rack of clothes all female looking, In the bottom Charlie saw two shoe boxes keeling on the floor but keeping the tissue in his hand he opened one of the boxes to revel a pair of five inch black heels disappointed he put the lid back on moved onto the second one, he found this time it was a pink pair of heels.
    Standing up he shut the wardrobe and turned towards the desk and its three drawers down one side, Using the tissue again he opened the first inside he saw it was full of pencils and small post it notes he pushed them around a few times but not finding anything more he shut the drawer the next was filled with note paper, he picked one out and flicked through it but finding nothing but blank pages put it back so he didn’t bother with the last  He sat down in the chair and slid around to face the desk when he noticed a power cable for a laptop stick out from between the desk top and the wall
    Kyra stepped into the second room to find it was set-up more conventionally, along the right side of the room was a soft brown and yellow three-piece settee and along the other two matching chairs sat in the centre of the room was a coffee table which was covered in magazines, all this was pointed towards a flat screen TV on a small stand just by a set of sliding glass patio doors,  Kyra saw that behind the chairs in the alcove was built in bookcase, sitting the nearest chair she was able to that


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