Let Me Take You Down Page 19

By the time Kyra had made it back to the Sit Room, Alec and Charlie were sat around the table both with cups of coffee at their elbows, Charlie was sat on one side of the table reading the post mortem report and Alec on the other, he’d taken a few pictures off the wipe board, he was also running the girls finger prints thought the criminal database.
    Walking into the room Kyra saw that a few of the names on the list  had been marked with crosses
    “You two look busy.”
Alec looked up from the laptop
    “Coffee ?”
He didn’t wait for an answer he got out of his own chair reaching across the table for the coffee pot and a cup he poured out some into the cup and add milk
    “Sorry we don’t have any sugar.”
  He put down the cup in front of Kyra
    “We’ve been trying to work out a name, any luck your end.”
    “A little, not much.”
    “So far not one of the names have come back.”
    “What did you find.”
    “A phone number for the sim card and that got us an address.”
Kyra put the pages on the table, Charlie looked down at the map then made a face
    “What’s the matter ?”
    “Charlie here doesn’t like students.”
    “Don’t worry there not going to bite you.” Kyra said picking up her coffee
Student Village wasn’t really a village in the true meaning, what it was a network of roads and streets with house and flats set-up for the university students to live in, all within walking distance just west of the city centre.
    Both Kyra and Alec had spent there training working the area so they knew what to expect but Charlie had spent his in Cornwall so he’d been given the job of driving, Kyra saw sat in the back reading the post mortem, Alec was sitting looking out of the window his mind working with the puzzle of the five names.
    Travelling thought Manchester for Alec was like moving thought time, the different mix of styles as they passed out of the city the whole feel of the area changed from the small bohemian shops and the wonderful people that came with them to the huge department stores, Alec loved the contrast it shown him.
    Joining the traffic on Mancunian Way the whole city changed once again from the slow easy and quiet shopping areas to the fast pace, fast moving cars and non-stop vans, Coming off Mancunian Way Charlie drove thought a set of traffic lights under a small bridge and almost right into the backside of a parked white flat bed truck delivering cardboard boxes, he pulled heavily down on the steering wheel getting out of the way.
    “Try to get us there in one piece.”
    “Sorry Boss.”
Kyra had slid from one side to the other, As they passed the Manchester Royal she felt as if someone had walked over her grave, her mind went back to the last time she’d been there, sitting on the cold corridor on the even colder chairs waiting for the doctor.
    Travelling along Oxford Road it became Rushome Manchester’s famous curry mile, at night the whole area came alive with activity as the curry houses, restaurants and takeaways on this four mile stretch of road each tried to out do the last, with huge neon signs and lights grabbing the attention of anyone passing by, Alec likened it to the Blackpool illuminations only smaller.
    But now in the middle of a Saturday afternoon all the lights and signs were switched off,  the only thing that showed any life were the discount sellers of jewellery and the only nod to what the mile was there the songs from the Bollywood film shops.
    Reaching the end of the Oxford Road the city changed one last time from the hi-tech hospital an the mix of old and new university buildings it became one of leafy streets and wide driveways, half an hour later Charlie made a left turn into Parsonage Road.
    “Kyra, do  you still have that address ?”
She found the page and handed it over to Alec, Charlie slowed the car down so it became easier for Alec and Kyra to see the numbers, drawing level with a house in the centre of the row which had a white stone driveway.
    Alec waved a hand in the air, Charlie pointed the cars nose into the driveway and dropping his speed again mounted the pavement taking the car the few feet over onto the driveway
    “Well done, not to many buries this time.”
Alec handed the pages back to Kyra who neatly put all the papers back together and left them on the back sit.
    As they each looked up at the house they all saw and felt something different, Alec saw a post war three bedroom much like the one he’d grown up in as he walked towards the front door his memory kicked in making him smile a little.
    Kyra’s memory on the other hand wasn’t doing the some hers was being five years old stood in the rain on the driveway watching an old yellow ford pulling away and never coming back.


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