Let Me Take You Down Page 18

“I bet,.”
Paul switched the screen back on ,
    “So what can I do for you.”
    “I am working with DCI Prideaux and we need to see what’s on this.”
    “Sure, no problem.”
Sitting back down, he shut down the game with one hand flat on the desktop he pushed the himself backwards across the room to a huge mountain of boxes
    Taking the first box off the top and reaching he searched inside, not finding what he was looking for he put the box to one side and picked up a second, he dug around unit he found a smaller blue box as big as a matchbox with mouse tail of cable at one side
    “What’s that ?”
    “Card reader.”
He pushed himself back over the room to the computer, he twisted the computer around so he could plug in the reader, Kyra handed over the sim card, Carefully Paul removed the sim card from the bag between his two fingers he watched as the light hit the small copper strips he slowly pushed the card into the reader, there was a bleep from the computer,
    They both saw the computer had opened up a small window showing a list of numbers, that Kyra didn’t understand, giving a small smile Paul moved the mouse and highlighted the first ten.
    “What are those ?”
    “Well that’s the serial number.”
Kyra looked at the other ones.
    “And the rest.”
    “Just the date of manufacture that’s all”
He pushed himself away from the desk once again but to the left reaching for a small wall mouthed phone, he punched in a few numbers and waited.
    “Hey Gene, Well I am hoping you could help me, I have a sim card and would like the numbers that go with it.”
    There was a few seconds pause on the other end
    “Sure, one second.”
Paul pushed himself off the wall but kept hold of the phone, not taking his eyes off the screen he read the serial numbers into the phone.
    “Thanks, Have an address to ?”
As he listen to the other end Paul used the keyboard and typed both the phone number and the address
    “Thanks again, See you online soon.”
Ending the call Paul put the phone back on to the wall,
Kyra came close to see what Paul had wrote, this time he highlighted the address copied it into a program showing a map of the British Isles, he pasted the address in and pressed enter suddenly the whole map changed the image became one of the city centre then changed moving left and zoomed down into a residential street and the computer gave a small bleep.
  “There you go.”
Paul moved the mouse a few more time and got the printer to bleep into life, printing both the map and the phone number, Kyra walked over to the printer and picked up the pages.
    “Thanks Paul I will let you get back to work.”
    “Just a minute, don’t forget this.”
Taking back to the computer Paul removed the sim card and put it back in the bag resealing it and writing his name on the bag.
Kyra made her way back to the storage room, looking down at the map trying to think of a link between Eastland’s and the University part of the city and that would fit her theory, This time she didn’t knock on the door she just walked in.
    There was no-one behind the counter, just a small brass bell sat in the middle with a small hand written note ‘Ring If Needed’ Kyra did want the little sign said.
From the depths of the room there was the sound of footsteps again just like the last, but as they got closer Kyra noticed that they became different and when she see could see the person she knew why. It wasn’t the officer she had been talked to before, it was a small grey haired man.
“Hi, Patrick I just want to put this back.”
    “Sure what is it.”
Kyra put the bag on the counter top. Patrick’s face changed into one of understanding
    “So you’re the one.”
    “The one what ?”
    “John said there was a DS taking stuff out of here ; I didn’t think it was you.”
    “Well you tell him it all back safe and sound.”
Kyra picked up the and singed her name again, they nodded goodbye at each other and then Patrick went back down the rows to put away the sim card.


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