Let Me Take You Down Page 17

Turning his head he saw Kyra stood by the door dressed in a pair of blue trousers and a long sleeve grey shirt over which she had a jacket and taken down her hair.
    “Sure thanks.”
So together they  linked up a laptop to the over head projector and tried a second time, this time it worked but Kyra saw the image on the wall was a little out of focus she twisted the leans and was able to fix it, now what it showed was a coloued picture of the canal side
    “All done Boss.”
    “Now let’s start shall we.”
Alec reached and got a black board pen then drew a line across the length of one boards at one end he wrote nine p.m. Friday and on the end seven am Saturday, then turned to face them both
    “Time line, so far we have eleven hours unaccounted for.”
Charlie tapped the top of the desk with his fingers
    “All I see is a dead body face down in the canal.”
    “Kyra ?” Alec asked
    She looked over both wipeboard’s for a few seconds
    “What I think is, we have a girl on her way home after staying over night with someone who may have been mugged.”
Charlie just looked blankly at her
    “And she’s been to Manchester before maybe even the football ground.”
    “Ok Kyra walk us though it.”
Kyra held out her hand for the pen.
    “Point One, She was found with a bag of clean clothes.”
Using the pen she drew a line from one picture to the canal side
    “Point Two, there her own foot prints walking into the city.”
    “And the mugging ?”
    “A sim card without a phone.”
    “Ok that sounds a good place to start, Kyra get that thing out of storage, lets see what the technicians make of it.”
Kyra made her way out of the room, when she had shut the door she started to smile a little then it became a very wide grin.
    On the other side of the door Alec looked across the desk at Charlie
    “I was just giving her a chance Boss.”
Finding herself back outside the storage door Kyra felt a lot more confident she knocked and just like the last time the same PC came to the door only without the napkin
    “Hi, I was hoping you could help me.”
    “I was set by DCI Prideaux for a sim card which came in this morning.”
    “I guess you better come in.”
Kyra followed him in to the room were she saw that half the room was spilt by a huge counter top it reminded Kyra of a take away only were the till should have been was a small computer, behind this were rows and rows of shelves running the rest of the length of the room.
    The PC made his way though a small gap in the counter top and sat down on a stool
    “Now want did you want ?”
    “The sim card that came in this morning.”
He started tapping away at the keyboard and moved the mouse a few times, his face split into a smile, he then disappeared down one of the rows of shelves leading Kyra just stood there,
    Looking around she saw the wall behind her was covered with posters it was like being in a museum, each one was older then the last, one had a smiling policeman who looked like Dixon of Dock Green moving across she saw one with a cartoon squirrel warning children about crossing the road, there was the sound of footsteps walking back towards the desk.
    “Here I think this is it.”
The PC was carrying a small plastic bag which he put down on the counter as reached down for the paper work
    “Sign here”
Kyra walked over and signed her name at the bottom of the form, she picked up the bag and saw inside was a small copper and plastic sim card
    “You will have back in no time.”
The PC gave her a week smile and Kyra left the room.
    Having spent her first few weeks running around the station fetching and carrying she knew all the staff that worked in the technician Lad by name,
    Sitting at a desk in a huge room full from floor to ceiling with masses of computer , printers and all maner of other technology was a young officer called Paul playing a computer game he had his back to the door a didn’t hear Kyra as she came in
    “Hi Paul”
He jumped out of his chair spun around to see who it was
    “God Kyra you almost gave me a hart attack.


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