Let Me Take You Down Page 16

    “Thanks.” Kyra said
    “Don’t tell me you did this all yourself.”
Stella took one of the box flies from Kyra and they carried on walking down the corridor
    “One of the DCI’s helped me.”
    “Not that slimy one, you know his only after one thing.”
    “No DCI Prideaux, he even made me part of his team.”
    “Oh I know him, he’s got that whole sexy Hugh Jackman thing going on, but doing want ?”
    “No idea, but your looking at DS Harker.”
    “Well just make sure your not there to make him look good.”
Kyra didn’t have time to reply as they reached the door of the evidence records, Stella used her free hand and knocked,
    In a few seconds the door was open by a huge old looking uniform PC with a napkin pushed down the front of his jumper, his frame filled the whole doorway.
    “We have the recorders from this morning.” Kyra said holding out her files
He took the files from Kyra first, then Stella he didn’t have the same problem holding on to them in one hand.
    “Is there anything else ?”
    “No I don’t think so.” Stella said turning to Kyra who just shock her head
They were walking back up the corridor to the crossroads
    “Think nothing of it your welcome.”
They parted company Stella going back down the way they came, but Kyra turned right and carried onto the mortuary, reaching the huge double doors she became a little nervous she had only been down here once before but that was with all the other WPC, but now the cold feeling of the place was getting to her, slowly she pushed open the door and made her way inside.
    What she saw was a hospital room if you didn’t count the wall with all the little doors in it, relaxing a little Kyra walked deeper into the room, towards what looked like a office she knocked on the door.
    “Come in.”
Kyra pushed open the door to see a woman sat in a chair working at a computer
    “Doctor Thaw ?”
Hannah stood up and turned around
    “That’s me, WPC Harker isn’t.”
    “Yes, I came down for…”
    “Alec sent you didn’t he ?”
Hannah reached behind just her computer and picked up a few sheets of paper and a yellow folder, then a memory card.
    “Tell Alec the next time he can come down.”
Kyra was about to tuned away.
    “Oh and make sure he reads it all and not just skip to the end.”
This time Hannah just let Kyra walk away she made it though the corridors util she was stood outside the sit room, not really knowing what to do so she knocked,
    The door was opened a few seconds later by Alec who had a puzzled face.
    “Thanks, But why did you knock ?”
    “It just seemed the thing to do,  Doctor Thaw says you have to read it all even the long words.”
Alec opened the folder and flicked though the papers
    “Its about time we saw you out of uniform , so people don’t think your just my tea girl.”
    “Ok but it will take me a few minutes.”
    “Sure, We’re not really fully set-up so take your time.”
Kyra smiled at Alec then walked away, he took the first few pages out of the folder and walked back into the room , he looked up just before he was about to walk painfully into the table in the centre of the room.
    “You were going to let me walk into that weren’t you.” Alec said looking across at Charlie
    “Sorry what ?”
Charlie was busy sticking the pictures of the crime scene, on two wipe boards, which stood on the right hand side of the room, He’d split them into two sets one just showing the area around the canal from many different points, the others were the girl in the water and then canal bank, he moved to the next board. Alec drew out a chair and sat, each time when he’d read the pages he put them upside down,.
    Charlie had taken a full face picture of the girl out of his set stuck it at the top of the second wipeboard under it in his neat handwriting had written.
    “Mary O’Brien, Isobel O’Brien, Catherine O’Brien and Bernadette O’Brien.” Each with a question make
    “Sorry Charlie but we have one more name for your list, Jenny Blake.”
Charlie wrote the name on the board then went over  to a small cupboard inside he found a over head projector he took it out and then place it on the table plugged in the cables and switched it on but he couldn’t get it to work
    “Need a hand ?”


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