My Review of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Part Two

This your one a only warning stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything before you see the following film

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

In the following few days Blomkviest to track down a set of photographs taken of children’s day parade, he sees that Harriet’s facial expression changes after seeing on the other side of the street, so he believes that she may have seen her murderer on the same day.

Still using her access to Blomkviest computer Lisbeth learns that the numbers in Harriet’s are in fact are references to verses in book of Leviticus from the bible, after which Blomkviest hires her as a research assistant, and together they connect all but one of the names to a list of murdered women.

It turns out that all the names are Jewish which intrigues them both as the Vanger family has a long history of anti-Semitism and as the there investigation continues Mikael and Lisbeth become lovers.
As the two other Vanger brothers have already died before Harriet disappeared they begin to suspect Henrik’s reclusive brother Harald, after which they spilt up Lisbeth searches the Vanger business records to trace and link Harald to the crime scenes.

Mikael takes it on himself to breaks into Harald’s house believing it to be empty yet Harald attacks him, but Martin is able to stop the attack and takes Mikael back home, and as they talk Mikael tells Martin want they think happened.

Deep within the records Lisbeth searches reveal that in fact it was Martin and his late father, Gottfried were jointly ressponsible for the murders, she returns to warn Mikael but only finds an empty cottage.

A drugged Mikael wakes up to find himself bound up in the Martin’s cellar, Who talks about not only helping his father but about raping and murdering woman for decades, how he is better than his father, but when Mikael asks him about Harriet he denies killing her.

Just before he can strangle Mikael, Lisbeth appears and attacks Martin with own golf clubs, while she helps Mikael free, Martin runs out of the house and takes off in his car, Lisbeth gives chase on her motorbike but Martin hit the side of the road spinning the car and trapping himself.

 Lisbeth finds the wreckage a few seconds later and that Martin is still alive butt dose nothing to save him as the car goes up in flames.

    Taking a look at the information Lisbeth has found it becomes clear to Mikael that Cecili’a late sister Anita was the near double of Harriet and in fact that some of the photos showing Harriet are really Anita and so the time line for that day is wrong.

    Lisbeth is able find out that Harriet has been using Anita’s name and is very much alive in living in Australia, so Mikael goes there to find out the truth.

    The truth is that Gottfried and Martin had repeatedly raped her she is able to kill her father but then is blackmailed by Martin but with Anita help is able to escape, After Mikael tells her want has happened she returns with him back to Sweden and her uncle.

    With Mikael out of the country Lisbeth goes to see her mother one last time who has no idea who she but over a course of a few hours and in one moment of clarity apologises for not choosing a ‘better papa’ for her.

    Mikael starts in prison sentence a few days later, and Lisbeth visits him with all the information she had been able to find on Hans-Erik Wennerstron and with time on his hands Mikael is able to put together and new article

    The day before publication Wennerstron is found dead and all his offshore bank accounts have bee clean out, the police have CCTV of a young woman they want to question but no trace of her can be found, But Mikael recognises the woman as Lisbeth and the film ends with her walking along a sunny beach.


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