Let Me Take You Down Page 15

“Fine, have you got the keys for the Sit Room three or do I have to bust the lock again.”
      “Funny, you know how long to fix it last time.”
Bill handed over a clipboard, keeping his eye on the dog Charlie wrote his name.
    “There you are.”
The dog in the corner stood up without warning and began to stretch giving them both a view of its tiny shape teeth, Charlie jumped five feet in the air, Bill looked away so that Charlie couldn’t see the wide smile he had, the dog made a small circle then went back to sleep.
    Charlie pulled himself back together and walked out of the room he found that his right hand was shaking his pushed it into his pocket and made his way back to the sit room.
    Sat typing at a laptop in the small office she shared with two other WPC almost buried under a pile of box files was Kyra, she had been given the job of making sure that all the hand-written list of evidence matched the one on the computers and the timeline, she didn’t mind the work, at the start she did have help but one by one the other WPC’s had been called away now the job was taking forever.
    Very carefully Kyra took out the last group of report sheets which she put on the top of the box file, she pushed her hair over her right ear and begin to read.
    Suddenly there was a gust of wind from somewhere behind, she put one hand down flat on the pile so it didn’t fly away, the wind died so she let got as she did there was the sound of foot steps walking towards her, without looking up she spoke.
    “It’s about time you two came back.”
But the voice the replied wasn’t the one she was expecting
    “Have I come to the right place, I was looking for WPC Kyra Harker. “ Alec said
Kyra turned around to face the door,
    “That’s me.”
Alec was leaning on the door jam with a envelope sticking out the waist band of his trousers his face split into a smile
    “Sorry I didn’t recognise you with your hair down.”
Kyra stood up and stretched a little
    “Well Sir, what can I do for you.”
    “I was hoping to ask you something.”
    “How would you feel about getting out of that uniform ?”
    “Excuse Me !”
    “Sorry, I meant I need a female DI and I was thinking the could be you.”
    “Your joking right.”
    “No I am not, you started this case it’s only fair you see it through.”
Kyra glanced around the room and then down at the box files on the desk.
    “But what about…”
    “If we both take half.”
Alec didn’t wait for a reply he made his away to the around to the second desk and picked a laptop and pulling up a chair sat down.
    “Oh and one more thing.”
    “Yes ?”
    “Call me Alec.”
   Alec put his hand out and smiled,, Kyra took it and they shook
    “Welcome to the team”
They let go and Kyra moved a few of the box flies off the desk onto the floor
    “Well, there are just two left.”
There was a second gust of wind but this time Kyra was to late to stop the pile from falling to the floor she shut her eyes as the paper hit the floor and spread out, Alec got up out of his chair and started to pick them up.
    “You start on the other file.”
Kyra handed over the empty box file as Alec worked around the floor putting the sheets back in the right order, ten minutes later they had both finished, Kyra let her arms fall down by her sides and Alec stretched into the air.
    “I just need to take them down to evidence records.”
    “Hmm… if your going down there could you pick up Hannah’s report.”
Kyra glanced up from putting the laptop away with a puzzled look
    “Sorry, Doctor Thaw’s report.”
    “Were shall I bring it back to.”
    “Sit Room three, I should have everything laid out by then.”
Kyra piled up the five boxes on her desk and put the paper folder on top she carefully picked up the whole thing with both hands, she made her way down the corridor but unlike Alec went right, she had made it all the way down and was just about turning the right when the folder slipped from the top helplessly Kyra pulled the rest of the folders closer waiting for the folder to hit the ground but there was on sound, slowly Kyra looked down stood a few inches away holding the folder was Stella one of the WPC who shared the office
    “Looks as if you need a hand.”


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