Let Me Take You Down Page 14

the canal side. On the right of the right room was a second smaller desk with a very expressive printer, under the desk stacked in four were a set of clear plastic boxes filled with grey bags,
    At the other end of the room was a second door with a group of lights above it one green the other red which was glowing, Alec looked around the room and still not seeing anyone he walked over to the computers he moved one of the mice and with a flicker the nearest screen began to show the same pictures.
    Suddenly to Alec’s left the door open, and out walked a pair of legs carrying a mountain of small cardboard boxes and a stack of small yellow envelopes it made its way across the room, when it passed Alec it became clear it was in fact a young man in his 20’s dressed in jeans and T-shirt his hair was messy and unkempt, th lad made it across the room he put down the boxes one by one on the floor and the envelopes on the desk then he saw Alec.
    “I will be with you in a very few minutes.”
The Lad then sat crossed legged on the floor started going the boxes until he found a small roll of 35mm camera film, he reached for one of the envelopes off the desk he put the roll inside then jumped to his feet
    “Sit down I will be back soon.”
He almost ran out of the room, leaving Alec still standing by the computer.
    He looked around and noticed there wasn’t a chair or anything to sit on so he walked over to the door of the dark room, stepping inside the room the left side of the room had all kind of trays and small baths filled with developing fluid as well as a small collection of bottles, Alec saw hanging from the roof and running along the right hand side was a long blue string with pegs on the pegs were black and white pictures, thankfully Alec saw there was a small stool being careful not to hit his head he took the stool into the centre of the main room.
    Putting the stool infront of the computer he sat, but the stool was to high for the desk by a good few inches, in fact Alex found it hard to sit but never the less he began to move around the computer system, he moved the mouse around until finding a folder with his name, clicking on it the screen became a long strip of pictures all of them showed different angles of the girls head, he moved through the first few there was something he couldn’t put his fingers on it,
So he moved around on the stool trying to get comfortable something made him glance towards the wall mounted screen and seeing his movement had been matched so he stood up and kicked the stool out of the way.
Alec saw there was a mark between the girl ears which ran over the bridge of her nose as if she had been wearing glasses, still watching the screen he used the computer programme to zoom in on the image.
The door opened behind him and the young lad came back smiling
“Ok, there that’s done, now Alec what can I do for you.”
“Hi Toby, I was here about the body in the canal.”
“Yes I have them hmm…” Toby said looking around. “Over here.”
Toby walked back over to the boxes just as before he sat on the floor he lifted one of the lids and ran his fingers though it until he found an envelope.
    “Do you think I could get them on a flash memory, there is…”
    “Sure not a problem I have a spare around here.”
Toby once again jumped to his feet and quickly disappeared into the dark room, seconds later after a few odd sounds he came back carrying a small black and sliver USB flash memory, he moved the stool out of the way so he could get to the computer, plugging it into the keyboard, Toby took over from Alec and made copies of all the pictures and moved the list on to the flash memory.
    “There you go Alec.”
Toby turned over the flash memory and the envelope which had been sitting by the printer
Alec put it under one arm then headed out of the door and back up stairs.
    Just like Alec had do Charlie made his way though the maze of corridors until he’d made his way almost to the front of the station he turned right to a office marked ‘Situation Room Three,’ he turned the handle but the door was locked, he walked away and the few feet to the reception
    It was a small room just the right size so that four offices could work, most of the walls were covered in shelves full of books and paper the only light for the room in the from the side the faced out into the reception.
    Under one of the shelves was a area set a side for making coffee and tea, In the centre of the room was a small table with group of stools around it, on one was a WPC who looked up at Charlie he came into the room but didn’t say anything.
    Still stood by the bullet proof glass wall was the sergeant, as Charlie made his way around the table there was the sound of snoring coming from the right hand side of the room, glancing down he saw there was a small dog curled up a sleep on a few old newspapers.
    Charlie put the small table between himself and the dog
    “Hey Bill.”
Bill turned to face Charlie who didn’t look to happy
    “You Ok.”
Charlie gave a week smile still keeping on eye on the dog.


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