Book Sale

Today I went to a book sale at Radciffe public library, as a child I would spend hours in my local one in Bury town centre I would even go sometimes after high school but over the years I stopped and in fact today was first time in many years.
As a child would read all I could but as I grew older I found it harder and harder to read the adult books until I found out that you could get them as audio books, big plastic tape case 12 tapes in all complete and un abridged, there for whenever I needed them from Dick Francis to John Mortimer and everything else you can think of,
So now the world have become all mp3 and CD people don’t want old tapes even libraries have no room for them, so there they sit boxes and boxes of them, all waiting for someone to go thought them to bring them back to life.
Most people dismiss them now that they don’t have tape players but I have wonderful old walkman and a mic cable with means I can give them new life on my computer and  save them and all it cost me was a few pennies, so please not forget about tapes they can be the start of something good and help those who find it hard to read  



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