Let Me Take You Down Page 13

Charlie finished the paper and pushed it across the table, the male officer took it and turned to the sports pages, Charlie was just about to get up when an idea hit him, reaching into his coat he went though it until he found what he was looking for
    “Could you run it though the system.”
Charlie handed over his phone which showed the picture of the numberplate
    “Sure, but what’s it all about.” Matt asked copying the number onto the newspaper
    “Thanks I owe you one.”
Charlie got up out of his chair putting this phone away reaching back down he put his mug on top of the plate then picked them both up he walked across the room and walked over to the clean-away station he put his mug in a small bowl and his plate on the stack waiting to washed. Pushing his way thought the crowd of the other people, he walked out of the canteen and the office.
    Alec was sitting back at his desk typing up the running report when he turned away from the computer but with his right hand carried on typing, the other he using to pick up the phone.
    Down stairs standing his her office reading the half written, Hannah was beginning to unbutton her white jacket and Jon was pushing the body of the girl into one of the cold storage units. He shut the door and took a small sliver pen and in neat handwriting wrote ‘Jane Doe’ on the small card just above the door handle, On the other side of the room were four boxes all marked ‘Jane Doe’ and the date, Jon let out a long slow breath as he looked over at them
    “Not much of a life”
The phone on Hannah’s desk started to ring
    “Hannah ?”
    “Hi Alec, how’s it going ?”
    “Not bad,”
    “I should be done in around 20 minutes.”
    “Good, I just need…”
    “Wouldn’t it be quicker if I just sent it to the top floor”
    “Why its my case.”
    “Oh right then, 20 minutes.”
    “20 minutes.”
Before Hannah could say anything more, Alec put the phone down, putting both hands back on the keyboard he started typing again, he was half way through a word when the office door was open, without looking up to see who it was he spoke.
    “Its about time Charlie, now you’ve filled your belly it’s time you filled your mind.”
Charlie made his way around to his own desk and sat down
    “Ok Boss what’s up.”
Alex stopped typing and looked up
    “Well first we need a place to work this place it too small, second I want to see the pictures from this morning and lastly you didn’t bring me anything from the canteen
    “You mean we have the case.”
    “I think one of the situation rooms should be free, so I want all we have in let’s say, half a hour”
    “No problem.”
Charlie smiled a little then walked off the office, Alec went back to typing, five minutes in, just as before he stopped but this time he didn’t reach for the phone on his desk, but for the one in his jacket, He went though the phonebook until he found a number.
    “Eve ? It’s Alec.”
    “Hi, want can I do for you.”
    “You have a WPC called Harker.”
    “Kyra ; sure she’s here if you would like a word.”
    “No that’s alright, just make sure that she doesn’t leave the station.”
    “Can I ask ?”
    “Sure you can ask but..”
    “Yes I know your not going to tell, but I will find out, I have my way.”
    “You always do.”
    “So I will see you later then.”
    “Of course.”
Eve ended the call, Alec didn’t put his phone back but just laid it flat on the desk then went back to his report, it took him another ten minutes until he was done, pressing print a few seconds later, nothing happened he saw the cable still needed to be plugged in, shaking his head he plugged it in and the printing started, he didn’t wait for the who thing the finish he walked out of his office leaving his phone and jacket.
    Taking the first left he didn’t head for the lift but for a small stairwell which went down he turned right heading into the new part of the station just a few feet away from storage he worked his way to the end of the corridor until he found the door marked ‘Photograph Lab.” Alec knocked on the door but there was no answer so he pushed open the door
    The light and airy room was laid out with four huge desks running along the far wall each one had a computer system sat on top, above the hung a enormous flat screen showing various pictures of


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