Let Me Take You Down Page 12

Morley didn’t shut his door but looked across the room
    “What’s next ?”
Miss Swinburne didn’t say anything just glanced over at Alec
    “Oh yes, Alec come in.”
Alec stood up and followed Morley
One side of the room was taken up by a huge bookcase and a fish tank, just under the window was Morley’s desk which was covered in the same way as Miss Swinburne only without the jar.
    Morley walked around the room putting the paper face down on the desk then he stood behind his chair resting his hands on the top
    “Sit down.”
Still feeling uneasy, Alec sat Morley remained standing
    “You were out at Eastlands this morning,”
Alec just nodded his head a little, Morley looked down at the seat of his chair the across to the paper on his desk.
    “How’s the leg, any pain?”
Alec’s hart sank down in his chest he knew what was coming next
    “Well I’m on new pills.”
Morley turned the chair to one side and sat facing Alec
Alec felt more and more ill
    “Just keep me posted on the investigation.”
    “Sir ?”
    “I am giving you the case, time we put your brain back in gear.”
Inside his head Alec was suddenly filled with joy then he remembered the girl being taken out of the canal.
    “I do have one reservation.”
Alec didn’t like the way this was going
    “It looks as if you could do with some help.”
    “Sir, I have DS Drym.”
    “Yes well that’s not what I mean, it was a girl you found?”
Alec nodded his head suddenly understanding
    “Well it would be helpful.”
Morley picked up the sheet of paper and ran his hand down it.
    “Sir I have a person in mind if that’s a list.”
    “Very well.”
    “There is a WPC Harker, she seems very capable.”
Morley let his hand move down the paper, for a few seconds no-one said anything there was just the sound of the wall clock ticking away
    “Ok then, Alec you’ve got yourself a team.”
    “Thank you very much Sir, I will do my best.”
    “Good that’s all I can ask, you can go now,” he said looking towards the door
Alec stood and walked across to the door just as he put his hand on the handle, Morley spoke
    “Next time Alec, not to near the crime scene.”
Alec felt as if the whole world had been lifted off his shoulder he shut the door and Miss Swinburne looked up from her computer
    “So how did it go.”
Alec couldn’t help but smile a little
    “I know I shouldn’t feel happy but…”
    “Poor boy, stick between the devil and the deep blue sea, have a lollypop.”
She reached forward for th jar and opened it ; Alec felt like a child but took one anyway.
    “Could you get me the list from the ‘Sapphire Team.”
    “You think your case was a rape,”
Alec put the lollypop in his jacket
    “I am not sure but it doesn’t hurt to check.”
Miss Swinburne tapped at her keyboard and there was a loud bleep.
    “Sorry, Alec I can’t print it out your going to get it from the team.”
    “Thanks for your help anyway.”
    “Take yourself Alec.”
He waved a hand in the air as he opened the door and stepped back onto the corridor, heading back to his office.
    Sitting at one of the tables with a coffee mug at his right elbow and the remains of a full English breakfast was Charlie reading the Metro newspaper, the canteen was now full of uniformed officers
    “Hey when your done with that.”
    “Sure, no problem Matt.”


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