Up In Smoke

There is a man called Chris Guest who has lived with any kind of hot water, heating or light for 3 years, thanks to a misunderstanding with the company who give him the gas and energy, Now I am not going to get into the row about who’s right or wrong.
     Using a rough guide here is what it cost pre month to have Gas and Energy from three of big  six company in here in the UK

British Gas    Standard £116     Fixed (2016) £122
EDF     Standard £104    Fixed (2017) £111
Scottish Power      Standard £105    Fixed (2017) £122

There are pay as go meters you can have installed into your house which works out to around £70 – £80 pre month (Gas Only) which for most people could and dose work but once the money has been spent you have to go and a buy more so it can still mount up at the end of the month.

Before we had the energy companies wire up our homes and house we all had fire places or big kitchen rages that would heat and cook, Now I know that we can’t all have a fire or a cooker but want we can have is solid fuel stove or Calor Gas Heaters, Hear me out I have numbers to show you.

A cheap Solid Fuel Stove – cost £299.50 + £700 (to put the thing in) so that £1000 in all ok that sounds a lot but once that’s over you will be able to heat a room for pennies a day as a bag of smokeless coal cost £8.48 and if you didn’t want coal you can make your own paper logs with a Log Maker for £19.98 which could help with ID theft.

Ok, that sound very expensive I know so lets look at Calor Gas Heaters which are used a lot by the caravan set and unlike Solid Fuel Stoves can more around the house or flat, the lowest price one I can find is from Calor Gas themselves for £79.99 + £55.75 (for the bottle of gas which goes inside) so that £135.74 all in, Gas heaters may sound scary but there no more or less that have a gas cooker,

Now for the math,

British Gas total a year is     £1,392 (standard) which mean going up and down  £1,464 (fixed )
EDF     total a year is      £1,248  (standard) which mean going up and down £1,332 (fixed)

Scottish Power   total a year is  £1,260 (standard) which mean going up and down £1,464 (fixed)

Solid Fuel Stove    £1000 (installation cost)  total a year £3,052 (using coal) make a fire every day

Calor Gas Heater   £135.74 (with gas) total a year of the gas bottle £6,745 having it on every day

Now I know that your not going to make a fire every day or use the heater, but having British Gas/EDF/Scottish Power means that you can call on it any time you like so here a second set of figures if you only use gas for November, December, January, February, March, four of the coldest months
151 days % 2 days (buying a bag of coal) = 75

 if the cost of the bag was £8.48 it would cost £636

151 days % 3 days (buying a gas bottle if run it non stop) = 50

if the cost of the was £55.75  it would cost £2,787

So there are the all numbers I not going to tell you want road to go down or how one thing is better than the other I just showing you want I found out in the space of 24 hours, its clear that something needs to be done but the question is what.


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