Let Me Take You Down Page 11

    “I was hoping if I could get something to eat, but it looks like am early.”
    “Never mind this, I’ll see what we have.”
    “A bit of bacon would be nice.” He asked hopefully.
The woman walked a little deeper into the kitchen as she did so she switched on the cooker as she past.
    “Go sit down and I’ll bring it over.”
Charlie walked across the room in front of the tables, he picked one of the chairs off the tabletop then moved around until all the chairs were down, he moved onto the next, this time however the man who had been putting the chocolates away joined him and they both laid out the whole room.
    Alec waited for the lift to reach the second floor and the doors to open, he walked down the small blue and white corridor passing the other CID offices most of the doors were shut but as he past a half open door he heard the sound of a vacuum clearer being pushed around, half way down he reached his own using his keys again he unlocked the door.
    The office was a small cream yellow room which he shared with Charlie, it was effectively split in two Alec’s desk one side and the other Charlie’s, they each had a desk a very comfortable chair, a telephone each and under the window facing the door was a table with a printer they used plus a filing cabinet behind the door.
    On Alec’s side of the room behind his chair filling almost the whole wall was a huge black and white poster of an old cotton mil which at one time had stood so were in the city, but Charlie had a modern map of the city marked with little red dots, Alec pushed the door shut with his foot and walked over to the roller blind which covered the window, pulling on the cord he let in light flood into the room, then he pushed on the small bar which opened it a few inches letting in the fresh air.
    He went over to the cabinet he knelt and tipped it back on it’s base so he was able swipe his other hand until he found a small key, standing the cabinet upright again he reached up and unlocked all the draws, opening the bottom one he reached inside with both hands he took out a sliver and white Apple Mac airbook, still on his knees he twisted around to face his own desk placing the Mac on the desktop he elbowed the draw shut, he stood up and moved to his chair.
    Not really thinking he started to roll up his sleeves of his jacket, realising what he was doing he stopped and took it off complete laying it on the back of his chair, he reached down at one side of the desk he pulled the power cable from the small hole, keeping it in his hand he sat down in the chair which rocked a little as it took his full weight, he lifted the lid with one hand and plugged the cable in with the other.
    The Mac began to boot up but stopped when it reached the log in screen, making a face Alec remembered the blue network cable as he was about reach for it, the telephone on his desk started to ring.
    “Hello ?”
    “Alec, he want’s to see you.” A female voice said
    “Ok, tell him I am on my way.”
There was a soft click on the other end, a second later Alec put the phone back in its rest, and let out a sigh.
    Superintendent Reg Morley wanted to see him so it could only be bad news, just like the last time, so feeling like a child being called to the head teacher’s office, Alec stood up and reached for his jacket he didn’t have the hart to put it on so carrying it he walked out of his office he didn’t have the hart to put it on so carrying it he walked out of his office as he walked down the corridor behind him his phone on his desk started to ring again, he got in the lift and pressed the button for the top floor this time, as it rose he found himself looking down at the shine on his shoes.
    Alec made his way down the corridor until he reached the door marked ‘Superintendent Morley’ he knocked, from the other side Alec heard the same female voice again.
    “Come In.”
Alec pulled down on the handle and slowly walked inside, the office was the same colour ass his own but twice as big, splitting the room in two was a glass wall with a door in the centre, The half Alec stood in was more like a waiting room with its four blue and yellow plastic chairs to Alec’s left
Running next them was a row of filing cabinets one of which was open, under the window sat behind a desk working away at her computer was Miss Francine Swinburne a plumb blonde haired woman in her mid 50’s, she took off her glasses laid them on the desk and smiled at Alec
Besides the computer, there were a collection of framed pictures of her grandchildren and a large glass jar of lollypops which she would hand out to a few of the junior officers
“Good Morning, Miss Swinburne.”
“Good Morning Alec, he’ll be with you in a few minutes.”
Alec walked over to one of the chairs and sat, Miss Swinburne went back to her computer, Alec looked through the glass window and saw Superintendent Morley stood in the middle of his office talking to a man who Alec didn’t know.
    The Superintendent was an old man but he didn’t look it, an old school copper who did his best to keep up with the latest rules and regulations, which the home office would send every week. The man stood next to Morley ran his free hand though the folder he was holding puling out a sheet of paper, which he handed over, the man shut the folder and they both walked towards to the office door.
    Morley opened it and they shock hands nodded their goodbyes, the man walked pass Alec and then out of the office.


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