Let Me Take You Down Page 10

Charlie found himself faced with a small number key pad which he used and with a soft click the door open.
        Alec made his way over the little patch of grass, which ran just in front of the station and headed up the five stone steps up to the glass sliding doors, which parted as he came near.
    The public face of the station was a mix stylist mistakes over many generations the late 1960’s chairs clashing with the 70’s strip lights and the 80’s cream blue walls, but now in this post 9/11 world the whole thing was being ripped out and re-designed
    In a small neatly roped off area there were dust sheets in two piles even a set of ladders stood up against the wall also three tins of paint just waiting for the decorates, Alec made his way around to the huge bullet proof glass wall at the far end of the room, sat behind this at the desk smiling his wide welcome was the desk sergeant
    “Morning Alec,  heard you were out at Eastlands,”
    “Some unfortunate girl ended up in the canal.”
Before Alec could say more there was the sound of a dog barking outside on the steps the doors opened again this time an old woman in her late 70’s came shuffling up to the desk, she was wrapped in a very thick wool shoal and a small matching hat, Alec moved out of the her way so she could reach the small window.
Dialling up the smile the sergeant nodded towards her
    “Now Miss, how can I help you ?”
She looked around in a little daze
    “I’ve found a dog,” she said in a voice so soft that both men moved towards to hear
    “Do you have the dog with you ?”
    “He was just walking around, he’s outside; I didn’t think I could bring him in, Would you like me to bring him inside ?”
Alec stepped in and saw not only did he see she seamed dazed but cold too
    “I have a better idea, sit here I’ll go.”
He steered her into one of the chairs, he walked the four yards back on the steps, outside tied by a bit of rope to the hand rail was a small chocolate brown fox terrier most of its fur was covered in mud, but his eyes were clear and shining, it pricked it head up and gave Alec a bark
    “Well, Hello to you.”
Alec moved closer and the little dog stood up, holding out his hand the dog came towards him and gave it a sniff and wagged his tail
    “Come on dog.”
Alec untied the rope and the dog gave a long woof, but followed Alec just the same, the doors split apart and the dog almost ran into the station, Alec came back up to the desk the old woman now had her hands around a mug of tea, the dog made a beeline for her.
    Smiling he walked over to the door marked ‘No Public Access’ he dug around in his pocket for his keys until he found a small black key fob which he pressed under the lock and the door gave a loud click he pushed it open and entered the maze of corridors heading towards his own office.
    Charlie had made his way in. but not to Alec’s office but the canteen at the left hand side of the station he pushed open the double doors thought into the huge cream and blue coloured room hoping he was in time for breakfast, he walked past groups of tables and chairs all neatly folded away, at first glance around the whole place looked empty the only thing with any life were the vending machines, but putting his head to one side he heard the sound of a radio coming out from the half open drop shutter at the far end of the room.
A head of long brown hair was poked out from under the shutter, Charlie saw it belonged to a young woman with deep light blue eyes.
    “Just a minute.”
The head was pulled back in then a head was pushed against the shutter without a sound the shutter was slid into the roof revealing the kitchen area was far from ready, Charlie saw the head now had a body which was dressed in a green and white checker board uniform it was a girl in her late 20’s she walked across to the small sliver counter top to pick up a small hat of the same colour, bunching up her hair in her left hand she tried with her right to push the hair into the hat but every time she let go of the hat the hair fell out each side.
    Before Charlie could open his mouth to ask anything, from the back of the kitchen there was an extremely loud bang of boxes hitting the ground, which made both the girl and Charlie jump a few seconds later there was a second sound this time it was a door opening then feet walking towards them.
    Into Charlie’s view came two people one an older woman with short blonde hair with eyes the same colour as the girl and was dressed in the same way, the second was a man wearing a long white coat and hat, he was carrying a small purple box of chocolate bars which he took to the other side of the kitchen which started to unpack and put in a rack by the till.
    The older woman made her way up to the front of the counter passing the girl who had gone back to putting her hair into her hat.
    “Don’t worry about the customers Mary;  just carry on making yourself pretty.”
    “But Mum.”
    “Now DS Drym, what can I do for you?”


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