Creative Day – BBC: Code Breakers Bletchley Parks lost Heroes

There were three heroes of Bletchley Park, the first was Alan Turing the second was Bill Tutte and the third was Tommy Flowers

Alan Turing famously cracked the Enigma code at Bletchley Park early years of World War II,
Bill Tutte was born in Newmarket in 1917. He was educated locally at Cheveley Village School and then in Cambridge before going up to Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1935. In 1941 he was invited to join the so-called Government Codes and Cipher School at Bletchley Park.

As the war grew so did Bletchley from the small one attic room, it had been 1939 to the hazard maze of small hut and blocks, in the grounds of the house.
If you could brake into the right radio signal you could be one step ahead of the enemy, and that was the task given to the people of Bletchley


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