Let Me Take You Down Page 9

    Charlie had moved out of the kitchen and had been stirring out of the living room windows but got bored and now was looking at the black and white pictures which hung on the wall the second doorway, he was surprised to find that it was a landscape of the centre of the city, St Peter’s square just as on the Metrolink trams were moving out of the station making huge shadows across the steps of the library. The second just like the first was taken in the centre of city but taken form the Market Street Metrolink station casting his eyes over the rest he saw the pattern.
    Shifting away from the wall he headed towards the bookcase, starting from the left he read the spines and was impressed to see a full set of Ian Fleming, which gave way to John Le Carre he remembered seeing something on TV so he picking out Tinker Tailor Solder Spy turning to the first page he was it was signed so being fascinated he took out The Tailor of Panama this to had been signed,
    Putting both books back he saw to the right of the plasma TV the books on this side didn’t gel at all there were thin small white paper-backs, puzzled he picked one out it a children’s story on the front was a hand drawn picture of a pig, turning around looking back at his cup in the kitchen the picture was the same, glancing back at the front cover the name of the author still didn’t help.
    “Catching up on your reading,” a voice said behind him
Alec stood in the doorway now dressed in a suit but without shoes on his feet
    “just looking.”
Charlie put the books back
    “First shoes, then coffee.”
He walked around the room looking under the couch, then as he past the hallway he stopped and looked under a small table he reached then found a black pair of shoes, he carried on walking over into the kitchen putting the shoes flat on the floor, he reached for a got a bright red mug with yet another farm animal on it this was a cow.
    Alec poured coffee and let the aroma over take him, and in one quick movement downed what was in the mug, Charlie waited far a reaction but non came all Alec did was walk over to the sink turning the mug upside down he it on the draining board., suddenly remembering his own Charlie did the same, Alec walked back across the floor and carefully stepped into his shoes.
    “Finished ?”
Charlie nodded and headed to the door, but Alec stopped besides the table again rolling up one sleeve and put his hand into the large bowl, he pulled out his warrant card, wallet watch and a small sliver phone the lastly a set of keys all of these things he placed in the pockets of his jacket.
Charlie opened the door and stepped back on to the corridor once, to Charlie’s delight Alec walked towards the lift.
    “So what do you think ?”
Charlie looked puzzled for a few seconds
    “Mugging gone wrong or…”
The doors slid shut without a sound, Alec pressed the ground floor button a few minutes later they were stepping out on the other side of the courtyard facing the palm tree, Charlie felt a little lost but followed Alec as he turned right then left they came out of the building and were now facing the park and Charlie’s car which now stood alone.
      He pulled away from the side of the road, and at the of the street turned left up the wrong end of the one way street which joined Rochdale Road quickly turning left at the pub.
    “So you were saying”
    “What I meant it could have been an accident too drink to walk and then base over apex, splash into the water.”
    “No.” Alec said shaking his head “Hannah said the poor girl was strangled before entering the water.”
Charlie let out a long sigh, they were almost at the station and Charlie had put on his left signal
    “Drop me off.”
    “What ! We’re almost there.”
    “I want to get started.”
Charlie pulled the car over just about missing the pavement with the front wheels, Alec jumped out making his the few short yards towards the station, Charlie turned left immediately then right into the car park behind the station.
    He dropped his speed and it was clear has he past the first row cars of cars he couldn’t park near the back door so he tried the second but that was just the same following the fading arrows pained on the ground he made his way out the car park into the second one above the small office building.
    As he did he past the third row of cars in the middle was Alec’s pitch-black four year old SAAB which only left the car park when and if Alec felt the distance was to great for him to walk much to the dismay of a few of the other DI’s and DS’s.
    Charlie carried on until he reached the top of the ramp he was happy to see that there was a empty space, pulling the keys off the ignition he gave the dash-broad a quick glance to make sure he hadn’t left anything stepping out of the car he opened the back passenger door taking out his door, locking the car he made his way across the car park towards the small stairwell, which would lead down onto a small path following it around the side of the station which bough him to the back door.


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