Let Me Take You Down Page 8

    “You have my numbers,”
They all nodded goodbye at each other the three people walked up the slope heading into the park and Charlie followed Alec towards the glass corner of the building,
    In the huge glass wall was a wood panel door leading into a stairwell next to the door was a small sliver door lock.
    To Charlie’s surprise the first thing Alec did was lift his right leg resting it on the wall, removing his shoe he let a small Yale key slip into  his open palm  which he used on the lock, pushing the door open Alec let Charlie walk in first as he put his shoe back on.
    The brightly coloured stairwell wasn’t that large in fact when Alec shut the door it was a bit of a squeeze, Charlie pressed himself against the wall so Alec could reach the stairs
    “Hope your feeling fit ? its only five floors.”
A little shocked Charlie looked around for a easier way up, but not finding one he took a deep breath and began the long climb, ten minutes later a little out of breath Charlie reached the fifth floor a few steps behind.
    Alec was waiting at the top of the stairs holding open the door, the whole corridor on one side was a class wall which looked down and out on to a courtyard with two nine foot palm trees sat in the centre of a ten red tile floor,
    The other side was all lit up the sunshine that played on the blue and white flower wallpaper, along the at five meter intervals were doors with numbers on and to Charlie’s shock there was a set of lift doors at the other end of the corridor.
    Alec walked halfway down to one of the doors stretching up and running his hand along the top of the frame he removed a key for the door.  
    There was a soft click from the lock as Alec used the key he pushed it open, Entering the flat Charlie found himself standing in a brightly coloured open plan room, he was in a small living room area to his left there was a kitchen and three wide windows which looked out over the park, the far wall to his right was covered by pictures and a second door, Charlie noticed all the furnishings around him were almost brand new, the brown leather couch which sat in the centre of the living room couldn’t have been more than a year old, the plasma TV set in the wall mounted bookcase still had its plastic wrapping on it.
    The carpet looked as if no-one had ever walked on it, there was nothing in the whole place which didn’t look as if it belonged together
Alec had moved across the living room and towards the other door.
    “Help yourself to coffee, “ he said disappearing thought the door
Charlie found the kitchen was in much the same vain as the living room nothing fitted together it was a patchwork of styles from the rack of mugs along one wall to the retro kettle in fact not one of the appliances were the same colour.
    A few inches away Charlie saw a full coffee-pot he lifted the lid to find out weather or not there was some inside, the aroma of coffee filled his nose so he took a mug from the rack he turned it around in his hands on one side was a childish drawing of a pig, he picked up the pot a poured the coffee into the mug.
    As the black coffee filled the mug it was clear that it was still hot when it was half way full Charlie slowly picked it up and took a few sips he was a little surprised at the taste not bitter but sweet he glanced down but couldn’t see anything wrong so he rested his back against the countertop and began to cast his eyes around the rest of the flat.
    Alec made his way into the colourful bedroom which was half the size of the living room it even had a door leading into a bathroom, Alec pushed the door shut behind him with the back of his right foot, holding onto the wall with his left hand, he made his way across to the neatly made double bed in the centre of the room and sat on the nearest end.
    By sitting up a little and pulling with both hands he removed the paper suit he squished it together and threw it across the bed out of the way, lifting his left foot off the floor he undid his shoe using both hands he took if off aiming one eye towards the other side of the room he threw this across the room to which made a soft thud as it hit the floor sloe face up.
    He put his feet on the ground and rubbed the lower part of his leg just under the knee rolling up the trouser leg he saw the mangled, distorted and damaged muscle, he rubbed it a little more until he get some feeling back and making the pain disappear, quickly he removed the second shoe and it joined the other.
    Standing up putting most of his weight on his left leg he crossed his arms over and pulled the T-shirt over his head, dropping it on the bed he made his way towards to the bathroom, dressed only in his jogging trousers he walked into the bathroom was very simple room, a shower, toilet and a wash basin over which hung a oval mirror.
    He opened the shower door twisting the controls and the water began to cascade he dropped his trousers and stepped inside, reaching around to his right he found a small bottle of shaving gel and sliver razor, pouring a little of the gel into his hands he rubbed both hand together until it became a white foam, stepping out of the stream he spread it all over his face, then reaching around once again he picked up the razor.
     Being guiding by the feeling from his fingers he slowly dragged the razor across the left side of his face, changing hands so he was able to more confidently to shave the left hand side of his face.


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