Let Me Take You Down Page 7

Jon was holding out a paper towel, which Hannah and wiped the water from the arm, as Jon walked away looking for a second bag.
Moving the magnifying glass over the palm Hannah found there was a huge cut travelling from the little finger in the centre of the palm deep and clean as if done by a razor blade, yet at one end there was a strange star shape.
“What do you think made that?”
Jon moved around so he could see, Hannah held the glass over the pattern, puzzled Jon walked away for a few seconds he returned with a small camera which he used on the girls palm, but before putting the camera back he took a photo of the girls face, this second flash took Hannah by surprise.
    “For the file.”
Hannah felt her way up and around the girls neck and head, she reached the top of her ears using her fingers she removed the hair band, Jon was once again at Hannah’s side with a bag for it.
    Hannah fanned out the girls hair making sure that there was nothing more inside it, now it was very clear that it was three colours not just two, Hannah ran her fingers back around the girls face she stopped just as she reached the blue and black bruise which ran all the way around the neck, her skilful fingers had found the true cause of death.
    “You poor sweet girl”
Her fingers had found the broken windpipe spilt by the bone which shouldn’t have been there, Jon knew the hard part of the job was just about the begin so he put down the camera and the bag then started to reach for a set of white plastic gloves.

Charlie hit the top of the steering wheel in frustration for the second time in two minutes as the fourth set of traffic lights changed from green to red.
    “What’s the hurry” Alec asked watching as the city started to wake up around him
    “Don’t you want to get there before Dr. Thaw’s done with the PM.”
    “Lights changed.”
Charlie quickly reached down for the hand brake and they set off with a little spin of the back wheels, reaching Style Street again the space Charlie used before was now taken up by a small sliver black smart car, inside sat a ratty faced young man wearing a grey uniform
    Charlie drove a little further up the street a few car lengths away but as he backed into the space the got out of his car and walked towards them, Alec undid his belt and was getting out himself as the man bent down and tapped on Charlie’s window.
    “You can’t park here.”
Alec leaned across the car’s roof
    “Excuse me?”
The young man looked at Alec giving him a sideways glance
    “I was telling your mate that he can’t park.”
    “I happen to live here.”
    “You still can’t park here.”
    “I don’t see a sign.”
From inside Charlie opened his door causing the man to move a side, Alec put both arms across the cars roof pulling himself to his full height.
    “What gives you authority to stop us.”
Charlie was now standing in the road looking for his phone
    “I am from the parking authority it’s my job.”
    “I didn’t ask you that, now show me some ID.”
The young man stood his ground
    “I told you can’t park”
Charlie moved around to the back of his car so he could see the front of the smart car, without a word he held out his phone and took a picture
    “Hey don’t do that.”
Charlie put his phone away then took out his ID showing it to the young man, who’s face almost hit the floor
    “What were you saying ?”
The young man tried to say something but then thought better of it, all he did was swallow a few times and walked back to his car as he did Alec saw the young man was wearing black trainers not shoes.
    They both watched as the smart car drive away, suddenly from across the road was the sound of the grey iron gate sliding open, stood in the jam were two blonde women and a man each were dressed for jogging.
    “Thank you very much Alec.” The man said
    “”No problem Bryan, How long has he been trying it on.”
Bryan stood there thinking a little  but it was one the of the women who answered
    “Three or four weeks, but mostly in the early hours.”
    “Yes he too £5 off someone the other week.” The second woman said
    “Did they get anything with an address on Becky ?”
    “I didn’t know I could check.”
    “Please Miss, I have a number plate but that would  help.”


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