Let Me Take You Down Page 6

    Jon and the ambulance crew pushed the trolley over the centre of the room level with one of the metal tables, the other had been covered with a white sheet on which lay all the tools for the post mortem.
    Carefully they each took one end of the body bag and in one movement placed it on the table, Jon nodded his thanks to the crew and they left, Laying on the table the body bag didn’t even fill the table halfway in fact there was room for a second.
    Jon undid the buttons on his shirt selves as he walked over to the sink rolling them up he used his elbows to switch on the tap then washed his hands,
Hannah strolled across the floor her footsteps echoed round the room until she stepped into her office and on to the patchwork carpet. Most of the small room was taken by a corner desk, her computer and a small filing cabinet she twisted her chair around, laid both her coat and bag on the seat and departed.
Jon was now wearing the top half of a paper suit, he handed Hannah a second which she put on over her street clothes, she walked over to the centre of the room putting herself between the two tables,
“Shall We begin.” She said taking a set of gloves from the white table
Jon nodded and walked around to the other side, so his back faced the outside door drawing down the zip he slowly opened the body bag care not to damage anything, the bag fell away to the sides as he reached the girls feet, Hannah stepped in lifting the body out and sliding the bag way.
    Jon  picked up his clipboard and pen, but it was only when he step back did he see the girls body for the first time, what stuck him was how young was and just like Alec he saw something that made him think.
    “What can you see?”
Using his pen Jon pointed at the girls hair.
    “Two different colours, one blonde the other light brown.”
    “To match the ID’s we found.”
    “Well Jane Doe it’s “
    “Ok, Carry on,”
Hannah stepped back a little letting Jon look a more closely
    “From her weight and size, sixteen or seventeen no older.”
Hannah took a few steps towards the bottom of the table, Jon did the same but inch by inch working his way backup, writing down everything he saw without disturbing or touching anything, but he when approached  the girls head, Hannah reached across and moved the girls hair out of the way so Jon could see the buries.
    Finishing writing he handed over the clipboard for Hannah to check over, as she did he walked across the room and came back  a few seconds later with a blue plastic box which was full of different size see though bags, he place the box at the top of the table a removed the lid
    Hannah signed the page on the clipboard and put it down, Jon took out one of the bags and stood waiting by the bottom end of the table, With her gloved hands Hannah undid the shoe laces on the right shoe and dropped it into the bag, but before moving on she ran her hands across the feet checking, happy she moved on. As she lifted off the second shoe a small plastic card fell on to the table with a soft thud, Jon carefully put the shoe heel to toe in the bag as Hannah reached down for the card.
“Very safe place the shoe.”
“One travel pass, now we know your real name.”
“What makes you think that, it could be like the rest.”
“When you go swimming, Jon were do you put your keys and watch?”
“Well in my shoes in the locker.” Suddenly his face broke into a smile.
Hannah put the card at the top of the table a few inches above the girls head, then went back to the girls feet she removed socks checking it over, Jon bent down for a second smaller bag, Hannah paired both socks then put them into the bag.
    Drawing level with girls right arm Hannah carefully lifted into the air as she did so the jacket sleeve fell down exposing the cold dead white skin, without turning around Hannah reached behind herself and got a magnifying glass, starting from the elbow she slowly ran it up the checking for any cuts, bruising and needle marks anything which would explain things.
    Jon picked up the card and carried in over to the clipboard and holding it up to the light crossed out ‘Jane Doe’ and wrote ‘Jennifer Blake’
Moving to the girls palm Hannah verified that there was nothing wrong but as she followed up to the end of the fingers she could see that all the nails had been broke as if the girl had been scratching at something reaching the thumb Hannah saw a long black hair sticking up from under the nail
    “Could I have a jar.”
Jon was back in a very few seconds with a small plastic jar, Hannah reached again this time for a pair of tweezers which she used to removed the hair, Jon held out the jar and Hannah carefully put the hair inside, Jon screwed a lid on and place it on the table
    Hannah travelled around to the left hand side of the table and just as before lifted the girls arm but as the jacket fell away this time there was a sliver hart shaped watch around the wrist laying down the arm Hannah undid the small clasp which held it place as she did the water that was trapped in the face began to run down the girls arm
      “Here take this.”


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