Creative Day – Four Walls

For just a little over two years now, I have been working with my father and uncle re-decorating the house they were left by their mother my grandmother, and yesterday that job came to an end with laying of the carpet, you see they didn’t decide to sell it but to do it up and rent it out, so that meant not only did we empty.
 We gave the whole place a fresh face with tins of paints and plasterboard from the tiles on the floor to the polishing of the brass door handles on the back door nothing reminds untouched.
Now you may think that removing someone’s whole life from a house is some how wrong as if we wiping out someone’s whole life, but wasn’t anything like we all got together as a family and chooses things room by room, which reminded us all of happy memories.
My father and Uncle told stories to everyone about growing in the house many of which were new, many of which were funny. So for those days, we talked and remembered,  the house and the people who had lived there were once again alive and it was how it always had been, We went to Grandma’s house and hear stories of the past, then when all things were taken and stories told the work began.
 Painting wall, pulling carpets, changing colour drawing plans from room to room we went each time find something new something that needed doing, Using our hands and skills to make better and mead, sometimes with great ease other times not.
But for me I was luckily the stories my father and uncle told didn’t end, as I worked a long side them both I hear who laid the cement for the garage foundations, how the small shed was given over to keeping budgies and  how and why things were.
So with all the changes and the fresh flowers in garden beds what is now, Well its still a house and it was a home and will be again.
Having closed this chapter of the story and having made pace with the past, relived and remembered  its time to let some else write there own story, tell there own tails and make this house a home once again



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