Let Me Take You Down Page 5

As the body was brought thought the police tape, everyone watched as the crew walked across the car park and carefully placed it in the back of the ambulance and shut the doors, seconds later Hannah reached the top of the steps,
     The crew drove off after a last nod toward her, a few yards always she could see Charlie talking to the young girl who had gone for the camera.
“I don’t know what time, I’ll get done so…”
The girl shook her head and started to dig into her pocket,
“Just come over when you can”
She pulled out a small set of keys and taking one off took Charlie by the left wrist put a key in his hand.
“If you’re sure.”
Charlie’s face changed a little when he saw Hannah was watching the girl turned and looked, the rest of the group stood waiting without waning she reached out and hugged Charlie pulling him close for a few seconds she let go smiling.
“That’ll give them something to talk about.”
She walked off to join the others, a little bewildered Charlie watched as they each took there places in the vans and they drove out of the car park, the next to leave was Hannah and as she drove pass she waved, Charlie did the same but more out of habit then anything.
Reaching the steps again Charlie found out that even Jim had now disappeared all that remade was a small bit of police tape tied to a railing blowing about in the wind.
Reaching the towpath he saw Alec was sat stretched out his arms over the back of the bench his legs out in front, Alec’s eyes were shut, walking to the side of the canal Charlie dipped two fingers a few inches into the water then quickly walked across to Alec flicking his hand the cold water flew off and hit Alec square just above his left eye. Almost a split later blinking Alec opened his eyes he wiped the back of his hand across his face and stood
“Time to be off.”
“So were first, Boss?”
Alec made a face
    “Like this,” he said looking down at his shoes, “The flat I think.”
They reached the top of the steps
    “I know, I know we do this right or we don’t do it at all.”
When they reached the car park Charlie’s car was the only one left.
    Outside the car park Hannah saw the ambulance a few car lengths ahead, carefully she drove thought the traffic closing the gap, They made it across the city heading towards Collyhurst police station.
In spite of the fact the front of the station was covered by a row of trees hiding most of it, the building  itself was very modern having been built in the late 1960’s a square shaped affair made up of six floors with 25 windows a piece, yet even now and the countless facelifts most of the original fixtures and fitting reminded even the basement mortuary.
         Half way down Rochdale Road they both turn left then right in the station car park Hannah reached it a few seconds behind the ambulance and was able to see it backing up between the small concrete ramp which ran to a huge blue roller shutter door.
Stood on the ramp waving one hand guiding the ambulance in was her assistant Jon, a thin young lad in his late 20’s but with his shot of grey hair he looked at lot older.
Hannah parked her car in a space a little way off next to the other civilian cars she reached into the foot well for her black bag, bending back up into her seat she saw the crime scene team making there way into the station each carrying the boxes of evidence, she waited until they had all disappeared before getting out of her car and walking across to the now open back doors of the ambulance, Jon watched as the crew moved the trolley out on the ramp one of them handed him a clipboard wanting him to sign it.
“Morning Dr Thaw.”
“It should take me a few minutes to set-up, so go get your self a coffee”
“Its already, Dr, WPC Harker told me you were on your way in.”
Hannah glanced back at the ambulance
    “Well you better show own guess in.”
Jon nodded over to the crew who followed him into the station. The change from the contemporary outside to the patchwork inside of the station always stuck Hannah as funny the higher you got in the building the more up-to date the fixities and fittings got.
    Her mortuary was the best example for this at one stage the whole basement level had been taken up by it but over the years it had been spilt, first by the need for office space and now by the need for the huge computer network which ran the building, what was left came across as a hospital operating room with a small bite taken out for Hannah’s office.
    The whole thing was blue and white tile from ceiling to floor the light came from six huge strip lights which spanned the whole roof, plus one pull down light which hung over two cold metal examining tables. Along the left wall were fifteen cold storage draws all but two were empty across from this were the steel counter tops and cupboards and sinks,


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