Let Me Take You Down Page 4

Reaching it the officer had disappeared towards the car park and the WPC was having a discussion with Jim.
“I’m not sure.”
“If you could find out, it would be a help.” she asked
At that point they both saw Alec.
“Sir I was just about to…”
The WPC stepped forward towards the tape putting herself a little in front of Jim
“DCI Prideaux could you come with me for a few minutes.”
Alec’s eyebrows rose a little with puzzlement.
“I still have Mrs Warner, the lady who found the body, I was hoping you would talk with her.”
Alec looked at her a few seconds early 20’s he quested from the soft lines around her mouth and chin, she had a kind looking face but there was something in her green eyes he couldn’t quite put his finger on, this was off set by the light fringe of chocolate brown hair he saw just under her hat.
“I take it you’ve got her statement,”
“Yes Sir I have.”
“How’s she feeling ?”
“I had the ambulance crew look her over just a little shocked that’s all.”
Alec wrinkled his nose thinking, as he did the crime scene office came back carrying a camera and a set of bags, she held out her arms so Jim could pat her down when this was done he let her re-enter the scene.
“No, if you think she’s answered all your questions then take her home.”
A little bewildered all she could do was nod a little, with that Alec turned and walked back down the steps.
Back over by the bridge Hannah had stopped taking pictures, handing the camera over to Charlie she lifted the tape up and ducked under, reaching between the fence she carefully pulled at the mass of fur, Charlie had been right it was a bag in fact it was a backpack in the shape of Elmo from Sesame Street, Hannah lay it face down with the hand straps ticked under it.
Hannah saw a zip which ran the length of Elmo’s head carefully drawing it she opened the bag; she reached into it with one hand holding the outside, as she did so there was flash, looking up and over her shoulder she saw Alec had taken the camera and was taking pictures.
“Hold out your hands.” she said looking towards Charlie
The young girl handed him over a set of gloves which he quickly put on, holding out his hands out flat, Hannah took out a small green and black purse with a zip fastening Charlie moved it around in his pram as Alec took a few pictures, putting it flat once again
Charlie felt the outside with his fingers a little puzzled he opened the zip, tipping it four small plastic cards fell into his pram, once again there was a flash, turning each one of them it was clear that each one was a photo ID all matching the girl’s face but they all had different names and different dates of birth placing the girl’s age around 21 and 25. The young girl behind Charlie held out one of her bags so he could put all four objects in.
“Let’s just take a look.” Alec asked
Charlie held out his hand so Alec could read then.
“Mary O’Brien, Isobel O’Brien, Catherine O’Brien and Bernadette O’Brien.”
“Any bells Boss?”
“Not off hand.”
Charlie let them fall into the bag, Hannah put her hand back into Elmo this time removing a pair of blue jeans which had been rolled up, she checked the pockets but didn’t find anything. Alec took more pictures then the jeans were rolled back up and passed into a second bag. Reaching one last time Hannah took out a small drawstring bag opening this she found it was fill of make-up.
Once again the young stepped forward towards her holding out a empty bag, she empted the make-up into it, moving it around a little she saw that between the small bottles and lipsticks Hannah noticed something shiny.
“Looks like a sim card.”
Hannah reached into the bag lifting out the sim between her fingers with her free hand she drew out a small bag and put the card inside.
Alec turned around seeing the girls body was now laying on the stecher covered by a white sheet, he shut his eyes for a few seconds,
“I think we’re done here.” he said turning back to the group.
Hannah just nodded, with that the team started to walk away just leaving Charlie holding his bag, Alec nodded again and he quickly caught up with the others.
Hannah and Alec walked back towards the searchers and the team all moved to one side so Hannah could give the body one final check, Alec stayed were he was resting one hand on the back of the bench and a few seconds later with the help of the ambulance crew he watched the girls body being carried slowly up the steps.
In the car park stood around one of the police vans were Charlie and his little team, they were each handing there bags into the back, the bags were being placed into a huge black plastic evidence box, then each one were asked to sign the evidence log, and helped each other out of the paper suits.


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