Let Me Take You Down Page 2

    The whole area between where they were standing was covered with crime scene officers all wearing the same kind of paper suit as Alec and Charlie, each one of them working in teams of three cataloguing and recording whatever they found trying to explain what had happen here.
Alec and Charlie stood about half way down the steps watching all this, until they saw an auburn haired woman in her mid 30’s unlike the rest of the unit she was wearing a blue paper suit sat on a bench skilfully working at her laptop.
Out the corner of his eye, Charlie saw someone he knew working with a team just under the bridge, he looked back at Alec who just nodded letting him go.
Alec walked down the steps a few seconds later making sure that he didn’t get in the way. The woman lifted her head from the laptop and pushed her long hair over her left ear giving Alec a long sideways glance.
“Good Morning.”
“Morning Hannah.”
“You took your time.” she said going back to the laptop
“I was out running.”
Hannah stopped again seeing Alec’s trousers for the first time, she started to smile.
“Hey your going to pass judgement or show me what you found.”
Hannah shut down the laptop and stood up, collectively they walked over the towpath onto the small strip of grass to the first lock.
At the bottom of the icy wet stone wall lock in about three foot of water equally as cold, worked a dive team of four people, they were placing floats around what seemed to be a black sack floating in the water, but as one of the team moved away to the side Alec saw a second smaller object covered with thick matted black hair it disappeared back down into the water.
Working along what Alec knew now to be the body line one of the team reached into the dark water and lifted out an arm dripping sodden wet and tried a small float to it. The cold finally got to Alec he shivered a little and backed away from the edge, letting his eyes move around the scene beginning with were he and Charlie had walked from, he saw the entrance to the football ground and the upper floor of the club’s mechanise shop, disparate the fact they were stood only a few yards away and he had a tennis centre behind, Alec felt some what isolated the whole place was a good distance from the city and without a car it only came alive with scores of people on match days.
He walked back over to the bench and sat reaching down his leg and started to rub just above the knee more out of habit than anything.
Still looking down into the lock Hannah give a few hand signals to the head of the dive team.
“We’re almost there, a few minutes more.”
Alec didn’t answer so she straighten up and noticed Alec was sat down she strolled over resting her hands on the back of the bench.
“How you feeling ? The new pills working ?”
“Sorry” Alec asked a little distracted
He stopped rubbing his leg.
“Fine, no problem.”
Hannah’s eyes narrowed a little
“Your taking them, not just carrying them around.”
“That was a big step for me.”
“Alec !”
His face changed into a wide grin.
“Of course I am, told you, I was out running.”
Hannah was about to say something but there was the sound of a wet dive suit hitting stone, they both turned seeing one of the dive team hands coming over the top of the lock, Hannah ran over to it, a few seconds conversation between her and the hand then she suddenly waved in the air towards Alec’s left,
Glancing around he saw the team who had been removing the litter from the bins were now sat on the steps, they all jumped to there feet almost running to join Hannah, one of them had a L-shaped metal rod in her hand.
Again there was a conversation Alec didn’t hear, the team split up each taking one side of the nearest lock gate, the girl who had the rod attached it to a black wood and metal structure sticking out of the ground then ran off back towards the steps disappearing up them.
“Don’t just sit there, come help.”
Alec got up and started walking over to the team.
“Just turn the handle,” Hannah said pointing
He changed direction getting to the wining point bending down he started to turn the handle at first it felt heavy and he had to use both hands but as he found a rhythm he was able to just use one hand.
Two people stood at each lock gate making sure they stayed in place, in the lock it’s self the ice water came flowing in quickly, the dive team held on to the body as it
The dive team held onto the body as it rose a few meters a seconds.
“Ok hold it there.”
Alec haven’t noticed that the girl had returned with more people, they were all carrying a huge sheet of blue plastic which they laid just at the side of lock. Hannah made sure the sheets covered the grass by her feet.


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