Let Me Take You Down

St Michael’s Flags in Manchester wasn’t anything special but it was close to home and reasonably flat, it at one time had been the grounds of St Michael’s and All Angels church but now was a green open space next to the old tobacco factory in the long shadow of the CIS building.
Alec’s short brown hair was matted with sweat at the temples and hid grey jogging outfit was equally as messy even one of his shoe laces had come undone he didn’t care very much, jogging was part for the rehabilitation the doctors had put him thought. So every morning before work he was out
 He liked the early Saturday’s just before the street lights had been fully switched off and the sun was still very low in the sky, it was about having time to think letting his mind just empty only counting his own footsteps.
He’d made the circuit once around thinking of what to have for breakfast, something that didn’t taste like the bottom of a bird cage now the diet was done with, As he ran past the flower beds he stopped counting his steps and moved on to the empty coke cans and bottles left the night before.
That was until he saw Charlie Drym his twenty eight year old Cornish Detective Sergeant sitting on one of the metal benches which were dotted around the park, he was blowing into his hands keeping warm despite the fact he was wearing a cosy looking black coat, Charlie had a cold look in his deep blue eyes which made Alec come back down to earth
“Morning Boss,”
Alec reached the bench and sat
    “So what got you out of your nice warm bed.”
    “Forty-five minutes ago we got a call from an old woman in Eastland’s she came across something floating in the canal.”
Alec blew out catching his breath a little watching as the white vapour disappeared into the cold air.
    “WPC Kyra Harker was the first on scene, she say’s it looks like a body.”
Alec felt his stomach twisting a little breakfast would have to wait
    “Let’s get going then.”
He didn’t wait for a reply Alec stood and headed out towards the main road, Charlie quickly followed under the archway and just to the left were his three year old blue ford stood.
    Making his way around to the drivers side Charlie unlocked and opened a door but not the
Drivers but the passengers, he removed his coat and laid it on the seat, this done he got in the drivers seat.
Without another word he pulled a three point turn around the Style Street so they were facing the CIS, it was only when they reached onto Angel Street did Alec ask a question
    “So do we need to call a unit ?”
    “No Kyra…WPC Harker took care of that.”
For the first time Alec saw his lace was undone lifting his right leg he tied it,
    “Quite clever your WPC,”
Charlie’s face changed a little his cheeks became crimson for a second or two, travelling though the outside of the city they came out onto Alan Turning Way, half way down Charlie turned the car right heading into the east stand car park of Sports City and the home the Manchester City football club.
The whole car park was a buzz of activate filled with police vehicles, two black and white cars, three van from the crime scene unit, a ambulance with its doors open and two motorcycle units, one of who’s rider’s was stood by the exit.
Charlie pulled the car carefully into a space between the bikes and the metal fence, before he’d even switched off the engine, Alec was undoing his seat belt.
“Ok let’s see what your friend found.”
Alec steeped out of the car onto the gravel with a loud crunch, he was half way across when he noticed Charlie wasn’t by his side, turning around he watched Charlie walk around the car and open the boot, reaching inside he removed two white paper suits, he held one up and waved it at Alec, who made a face then slowly strolled back over to Charlie who shut the boot with a loud thump.
Together helping each other they put the suits on, in the end Charlie’s suit fitted without a problems, but Alec had eight inches of grey jogging outfit sticking out of the legs.
They walked together towards the bridge which headed into Sports City and spanned the canal beneath, the canal was a wide body of water which flowed down the small hill into the city thought two stepped locks and a waterfall, they were heading towards the huge concrete steps which travelled down onto the towpath.
At the top of the steps stood by a length of police tape was the second motorcycle rider a young dark haired uniformed PC.
“Good Morning Sir, can I help ?”
“Oh yes sorry I …”
Charlie unzipped his suit beginning to search for his warrant card.
“How’s that new wife of yours Jim ?” Alec asked
Jim’s face broke into a huge smile
“Fine thanks, doesn’t like these early mornings.”
Charlie found his warrant card and showed Jim
“Thank you very much Sir.” He answered lifting the police tape and letting them pass.


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