A Book for Free – Let Me Take You Down

Ok lets, try this many years ago riding the Metrolink on the way the way to work, I hand wrote a story all about a policeman working and living in the city of Manchester, slowly and carefully I put in it on my computer, and found I had 122 pages at which point I stopped writing.

The Story has moved from one computer to the next and each time I have promised myself I would finish it, yet it never happened so to focus my mind into ending I am going to post here one page at a time,

I am giving it away for free every Friday there will be a new page here for you to read and share,

Like I said I have a 122 pages and no ending, which means as you read the pages I put here I will going thought the next and re-writing to come up with a ending.  Creative day will still happen so will Photo 365 (http://instagram.com/martyn2021) the story is a extra

The next blog will be the first page, so are sitting comfortably I shall begin


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