Creative day- When Eight Bells Toll

When Eight Bells Toll
    Phillip Calvert is a secret agent for the British Treasury who hunts down a ruthless gang who are hijacking cargo shipments of gold bullion off the Scottish Highlands, Hebrides, Mull and the sleepy port of Torbay (which is really Mull)
    Born on the pages of Alistair MacLean’s first person narrative novel, When Eight Bells Toll first published in 1966, Mr MacLean calls on all his own Scottish history to authentically portray the rugged weather and the people of this wonderful terrain.
    Phillip Calvert manages to track down the latest hijacked ship operating out of his own yacht the Firecrest with the help of his right hand man Hunslett, they must battle bureaucracy, the bad guys and the weather to solve the crime,
    Calvert was given a second life when in 1971 when producer Elliott Kastner brought When Eight Bells Toll the big screen with Anthony Hopkins taking the lead role and Corin Redgrave as Hunslett,
    Alistair MacLean even elected to adapt the book himself only changing the ending a little a more explosive shootout then the original Agatha Christie-style summation.
    Elliott Kastner did at the time hope that When Eight Bells Toll would be the first of a series of spy adventure film to feature Phillip Calvert, almost a kin to the James Bond films but the with Sean Connery returning to the role the Phillip Calvert project was cancelled.
    So having read the book and seen the film I don’t see Phillip Calvert as a James Bond figure and it was unfair to make him so in fact with the realistic gritty espionage and action he would be in the mould of Jason Bourne thee protagonist of a series of novels by Robert Ludlum.
    So please go seek out either the book or the film and see for yourself  


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