Creative day – Bitchin’ Kitchen

Now We have Photo 365 back on track I am going to add something more, as at some point I will have to move all the Photo 365 images over to flickr.
    Anyway Friday’s will now be creative day it maybe a video over on Youtube, or a blog post here. But there will be something.
    This week is going to a very light blog.

Cooking shows, There are thousands, from the very simple Delia Smith showing the how to boil water for eggs to the mad shouty sweary Gordon Ramsay, But yet there is another kind which comes all the way up north Canada in fact, it can been found on the late night slot of the UK Food Network.

Bitchin’ Kitchen or in the TV listings Nadia’s Kitchen
    The show is a mix of comedy and real cooking, like most show the chef is a woman, Nadia G under the style of a Italian America goth productions a extraordinary plate of food.

    Unlike the other show there is no set menu in fact the food is set around a mood of the show.
The one I recorded and watched for this review was all about Anxiety and Soups
‘Liquid Gold’ Chicken Broth, Italian Stracciatella with Mini Meatballs, Tender Cheese Tortellini and Baby Spinach
and Aztec Soup

We started with  ‘Liquid Gold’ Chicken Broth as it was and is the base for almost kind of soup and even some souse, well that what Nadia says anyway
    So the cooking beings we start with a big pot, oil and four cloves of roughly cut garlic which are mixed together until golden its joined a few minutes later by red onions, carrots and three ribs of celery all rough cut to a rock and roll sound track.
    Change of tempo as Nadia hacks away at whole chicken from rock and roll to country, “Who needs therapy”  plus extra bones and water all get add to the pot, then as we wait for the whole thing to come to boil, we get a peek into Nadia’s mind.

Like I said before the show is a mix of comedy cooking but there is real information when ever Nadia brings anything new to the recipe weather it be fish or meat we have Panoa a other comic Italian New Yorker to talk about it with a few well placed jokes

More punk rock sound track an we follow Nadia as she strains the chicken broth four time thought and hand picks the chicken meat and then plates up.

Then using the broth as a base, I told you this show was clever Nadia makes to more soups , Italian Stracciatella with Mini Meatballs, Tender Cheese Tortellini and Baby Spinach and Aztec Soup I am not going to talk about them here you job is to find them for yourself , and few more jokes information for her ‘Spice Guy’ and the ‘Food Corespondent’ and the show is done.

The whole show is less than a hour Nadia G gives as good as she get and is if not better then any other chef on the same level of style as the late Keith Floyd and for sheer food love Graham Kerr

I think it beats the hell out of the all the upper class English cooking shows, so if you can I would like to seek out Bitchin’ Kitchen or Nadia’s Kitchen just once and see how crazy easy and fun cooking can be,

If have done thank you for reading and see you next week





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