Four days in June

18 June 2013 Etihad Robbie Day One

So here we are again four days of outside gigs if truth be told its going to be the same one but on four days/nights and hopeful unlike the last one I will not be fetching and carrying, which will be alright, its half twelve so I got time to take to run thought a few of the rules, This is my blog so its want I will see, hear and think over the next four days.

So my job is going to be a mix of both paper work and stranded radio work which sounds fun so we will just have to see want this really be like.

As the sun is out it looks like being a good day, We start by play numbers, there are two set of sign in sheets Back stage and Front of house there old theatre terms then those are split by Steward and the Door Licensee, I got front if house which covers all the ways into the arena and most of the floor, a event like this one we have layout were the pitch is covered and the one hundred level is non revised seating so if you get tried of standing you go and sit down but the row closet to the stage full up fast so you take your pick,

Anyway why I am more technical  that I was last time, well this time I have a real job to do not just count in and out equipment and the start and the end of the shift, plus this time, I want to be above it all.

So as I was saying the pitch is covered over and people stand or sit the up tears 200 and up are just for sitting,

Tonight job was and is to keep a fire land that is a two persons thick land between the people standing and metal fence which runs the length of the players tunnel, which sound some want easy and when the people keep moving it is but when they stop to watch the stage or to see if there are spaces in the rows of seat they just pass on the way down it gets a little hard.

First there is a DJ from which radio station I am not sure I am here to watch to crown not the acts, there is not only me working this fire lane but a team of ten people all trying to making sure the crowned can see but also are safe,

With all those people rubbish can be a problem empty bottles, plastic cup and even pizza boxes which all needs to be moved out under foot even when the people are walking around, there would a huge problem if we set up bin on the pitch side they would over flow and be knocked over so the rubbish ends up in the run and is kept out of the way.
Now the second act has come on and the crowned has once again stood still, so lets fill the gaps and move them on.

Brake time walking thought and around the crowd is a art in itself you have walk quickly around people without getting in the way or standing on people who feel the need to sit down.

Robbie is on the stage and the whole place stops, we have totally clean fire lane and lots of happy people,

End of the night and we are slowly emptying the place which in some cases have up set people we have a way doing things like this and its safe if let people just run out it would just crazy and people would get lost, so waiting ten minutes is not a big thing.

Day Two.
I watch the counting of the radio’s and building water mountain, its crazy not to have anything really to do but at 3 the stewards count will begin again…

Day Three
If your looking the rest of the days will there aren’t going to be any, its not that I am in fear of my job or anything like that, Its just I don’t see the point in writing a blog as I don’t feel the need too, there are better things to write about.

Manchester in the early hours of week day is a mass of car, people and buses all trying to get into the center of the city, most people heading to punch some office clock and login.
And then there is me, slowly heading to up the road, it takes me a hour to get here so I have a lot of time just to watch the world go by.

The best part of this is when I get to the canal side, today there were to boats traveling down, lock by lock into the city, after pasting the cars and buses its very cool seeing more people without any real propose just getting around, what makes it even better is the Metrolink is running so you have almost two centuries between both sets of technology.

Day Four Last One

Saturday and Manchester changes yet again, Some of the people who have been working all week stay in bed the rest are out with there dogs or off to shop. The sun keeps hiding behind the clouds that gathered over night, so it looks as if the rain may come.

As its Saturday so people have the time to make the long walk to Etihad you can tell them a mile off small groups of woman so carrying picnic bags and others carrying folding chairs all reading the road signs and walking the wrong side of the road, I even a few follow me but as I was a few steps ahead they all turned and walked back to the crossing when I came into the park.

There are no boat today on the canal but there lots of runners, office works I am guessing who have seen the nice day and have come out, the funny thing is that they look thinner than I do all of my ten stone ten.

So why if I don’t start until 2 in the afternoon do I get here so early that’s the whole point  I can sit and watch the world go by and relax into the work if your running around on the minutes then your not really thinking about what your doing just waiting for the next break and mistakes can be made, this way you can just take your time and be in the right frame of mind.

Even from were I sat I can still see that we have lost people all ready its broad daylight, yet there they are walking around phone pressed to there ears looking up at the towers panicking, rain here now Ok its a very light shower but its duck and cover time. Hell people even want to be even let inside, rain passed panic over.

Five past twelve again and I am heading home, I leave the Etihad for the last until the football starts in the next few months.

Leaving this way is not like leaving a match, the sea moves both ways, that is we have people coming back, trying work out why the place look different in the night time,

I walk past group of woman screaming down a phone at someone about how it is going to rain, a few steps away a younger group two girls and there mothers, the little girls crying a the shear joy of want they have seen and done in the last few hours.

I am past the stream a cars on the main road the groups of woman are still with me as they head to China Bar to wait for whoever is willing to pick them up,

Looking around and back to were I have spent last four days I notice the lights in the towers are still on, and as the rain finale makes an appears it feels like walking away for a light house in the middle of a storm,


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