A Change is Gonna Come

We live two lives, and what we do in the dark of night, we will one day have to stand on the roof top and shout to the world,
    In the last 24 hour a British newspaper and got hold of a report which says that the both the NSA (National Security Agency) in the US and the UK government run from GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) have been watching/monitoring the internet activity of half the world, By hacking into the Goggle, Apple and Facebook serves, to run want is called key word searches using a programme called Prism
    And the people on the outside of the spy world think this a bad thing, and they have not right to do this, and that want you do on the internet, should some how be untouchable, you should able do want ever you want,
    I have wrote about this before, about a group calling its self a..  who just piss around with the power they think they have but when the plug is pulled and the computers are switched off want real power do they have.
    Now both the US and UK aren’t pulling the same tricks as the a group, they don’t remotely shut computer, steal money from bank accounts  all they are doing is keeping the information they find and then only the key words, the time and date, that’s it,
    And before you all start unplug your computers and dumping your iphone scarred that big brother is watching your every move, We are going to have a history lesson

    Bletchley Park now for those who have no idea want I talking about, In the middle of the Second World War there was a place called Bletchley Park which did do the same as NSA and GCHQ in fact Bletchley Park invented the whole thing as they monitored the radio ways coming from Nazi Germany as they broke the Enigma code and shorted the war by two years saving countless lives

Lesson over so what have we learn, monitoring works but only if you act on the information you have found,

I know want your next question is going to be ‘But we’re not at war ?’

Wrong we have been even since both the US and UK government didn’t act in the right way the countries they decided to invade, on bullshit information from people who just wanted to make money,

So were does this get us now and want dose in ‘the dark of night’ mean,

It means if your not will be truthful to yourself and be a count able for you actions on the internet, knowing full well want ever you is they for anyone to see,

The rule is very simple don’t post anything you don’t want the whole world to see, as it will be there for a lot longer that you will be alive.  


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