The Real World

Yesterday I posted a piece here all about the use of water mills as power generation, Which now I come back and look at again seems rushed and some short.  It was written live that is to say I was online when I wrote it I didn’t write in document programme and then post later, which is something like doing, I not going to take it down the whole idea of this blog is write want I have in my head at the time, but the power from the earth just lacked polish so there we.

Now, I cleared the air on that and I have you attention, What shall I talk about

The Real World Vs The Life you have on the Internet

What is it about being on the internet, that make people think that they can behave any way they like and offend who so ever they choose.

 As the world around us becomes more and more dependant on computers, people think they have so kind of divine right to pass comment or piss on whatever the other person has made under the misguided excuse of a joke or ever more bullshit “The Anonymous” or  “Wiki Leaks” even (I wrote about them before)

I don’t see it does, Trolling doesn’t change anything.

I grew up without the internet so to me its all just unreal anyway, Facebook to me is just someone standing on a street corner shouting about every little thing about there live and getting upset if someone says something they don’t want to hear,

Or worse they set-up a group/pages just to spread hate of some kind, you won’t stand naked yelling in the street so why do it on-line.

Ok I am sure there are groups/pages were feel save and can voice whatever they like and however they want.

But I don’t see the point in that words on a page on some computer severs don’t count  a lot when the computer get switched off its like writing in the sand on the beach when the tide comes in.

Its not only on Facebook it every were, You Tube is another place someone posts something and another person passes comment that’s fine if they like what has been posted, but if they don’t they bully and troll, the original post as if driven by the devil himself, 

Why is just beyond words how wicked some people are its not as if some one made them sit down and watch the posting in fact you have to search out something to watch and then have to log in just to pass any kind of comment and if that’s all you have to do with your life then your not ever worth the air you breath.

Now, we come to the group of people that are very happy to hide behind  the group calling themselves Anonymous a few weeks a go I watched a documentary called “How Hacking changed the World” and they were only a handful of things the they did that were of any real use denial-of-service attacks on alleged Internet predators and others but it was when they had moved away from there computers and got into the real did they make any real difference.

Earth is called, Earth for a reason it wasn’t forged out of bits of copper wire, circuit boards or even microchips.

But on the backs of real people that when before us and not on the ass holes who press buttons and bitch about the state of the world but do nothing about.


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