The Power of the Earth

Generating power is such a simple things and in the coming years we are going to need so much more that we have now.

So the Question is how and were will it come from ?

I can hear you all start shouting about the renewable energy and how hard it sounds, but is not we’ve had it of 100’s of years,

Water, We live on a inland in the middle of the Irish sea there is water all around us, some of it even runs thought our towns and cites

Now all really needs to happen is for us to work out a way of using it and this were yet another old technology comes into play a water wheel which turns the turbine which makes the power,

Now I don’t the problem in having a new kind of water mill in or around the a small village, all you have to do is up-scale it for a town the building you house the wheel and turbine can look like anything you like.

And before you start on about how much the cost will be take a look at the old cotton mills that are still around there all wood and only have a handful bit of metal in so just think want modern man can do.


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