This Green and Pleasant Land

Every Friday for the next few weeks I am going write a blog post about whatever has been in the news or on my mind here is the first  

To borrow from John F Kennedy  “We live in extraordinary times” and yet all we do is point the finger at the worlds problems without offering any kind of way out.
The best example of this I can find is this new form of council tax the UK government has brought in which mean’s people who live council home will have pay tax for the first time ever, to cover the problems of the last few years.
Now there are people who say that having everyone pay the same is a good thing and then there others say it wrong.
But both side are missing the wide issue here which, that we should help each other.
People form food banks to feed others and yet ask nothing in return,
    In the past few times I have seen news stories about people without jobs and without direction just in falling into a holding pattern.
    So why not grow our own food give them a direction, pull together and help each other out
Yesterday there was a story about Liverpool City council trying to sell there green parks near Sefton Park  to make money, So there you go I don’t have join the dots do I, The people in the area rent the green space grow there own food both for the themselves ad the food the bank and with extra make the money to pay the rent.
    How simple is that,  Don’t tell me its to hard, it can’t be done it’s the same thing that happened in the second world war and that’s were we are at war with poverty but this time its not about plaguing small amounts of money or some celebrity endowment its about action
    Nothing will change over night and things will not be the same as they once were that time is over, so we have move on.
    But yet all I see are people shouting each other down until no-one wins, The world will not change if all people do is sit on there backsides, So be the change in the world you want to be.


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