The Brain Scoop

As many of you know I have a very small You Tube channel which I be using a lot more in the next few months, But that not want this about,

There is a very cool channel called The Brain Scoop hosted by Emily Graslie a volunteer Curatorial Assistant for the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum at The University of Montana,

Now if I understand how You Tube works they put ad into videos and then spilt the money made between themselves and  But here we hit a problem You Tube have pulled the ad from the  episodes that are age-restricted because… Well no-one has a clue, You Tube are stone walling  so that means Emily and Michael Aranda. (her producer)  can’t make money and help out the museum by doing something she loves

So to by pass the loss there are now T-shirts and posters which can be found here

or you can support them by going here

There real question is why are You Tube pulling there ads the internet is meant to be open to everything and everyone.

Now if You Tube are saying you can post things only if there are going to make them money then people need to stop using You Tube

But by the looks of thing You Tube are just going to post ad on things everyone will see making them no better then commercial TV selling to a mass market which is just not what the internet is about 





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