20th Century Book Case

The Golden age of analogue
With the sun slowly setting on the last huge music shop now is the time to take stock I say a fond far well the end of the real LP, Ok there are few people who still put them out on CD are people who put them out to as one off shot harking back trying taping into things long past.
    But the there was and still is something more meaning full that just clicking on itunes or press shuffle on whatever media you happen to have, the whole LP everything the art, the feel of the vinyl   holding it on the very edge so not to mark it.
    You lift up the arm over the slowly spinning turn table and as the label of the LP travels around and around with fingers shaking a little you place the needle down carefully not daring to breath there is a small crackle over the speakers and the world change the recorder starts and music plays.
    Your off on a journey for the next 45 minutes all you can do is sit there as the words and sound wash over and thought you. Filling the in the very air you breathe, no skipping track by track grove by grove just ever forward util the needle works it way to the end and arm clicks off and LP stops spinning.
    That’s something you don’t get with mp3 downloads some how just zero and one being bounced about on a hard drive some were and not ever whole LP just one or two songs.
    A LP told a story in the same a book does you can bits out change the order but you lose something, The LP will never die it will just join the rest of the things on 20th Century book case and in time will become a part of our history, part of our DNA.


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