Its odd the things the past thought your mind when your trying to fill a page of this blog. I tried to make this into a Vlog, but when it came down to just sitting in front of the camera I stumbled and fell over the words coming out of my mouth,
I was trying to reflex on the past year on what has been the shadows of the memories and the half remembered smiles of the people I have meet, but this year has broke me in places cut me down to my very being and more than once so its hard to look back and take stock.
So I am not going to, not fill this page with words cataloguing the past 12 months of the world around me in some miss guided attempt to feel better,
Ok that totally true at this second, in this minute, at this hour on this day I feel fine, feet up watching Morecambe and Wise on DVD and all the other Christmas specials and extra programmes, each day is full of wonderful people and things.
Yet there some days… But I know that want has happen is over and done with, a day can only last 24 hour, So tomorrow and tomorrow that’s want there is and in four days time this year with be over and new 12 month in which build new memories, meet new people hell even start again.


As always if you have do thank you for reading


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