My Desert Island Discs

I was going to write this day about a free mp3 book once again, but I find myself drawn to the music I have on my hard drive instead, thanks in part to Unbest “the one song that defines 2012 for you:”
I have a very, very wide taste in music starting with Bix Beiderbecke, Noel Coward’s silly little songs and carrying on all the way thought to Paolo Nutini as well as so called retro singer Paloma Faith
It’s a very extensive span of years and its shocks a few people I can recall the names of singers or songs from outside my own lifetime of the 30 years (so far) I spent on this earth, and that somehow I hold a magical power being able to do such a little thing, but its just something I have always be able to do
So how does this tie into Unbest well that’s just one or two songs over course of a year and that’s a hard thing to work out, So with that in mind I am going take an idea from a radio show we have in this country called Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs is a BBC Radio 4 programme first broadcast on 29 January 1942. It was devised and originally presented by Roy Plomley.

Guests are invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island, and to choose eight pieces of music, discussion of their choices permits a review of their life.
At the end of the programme they choose the one piece they regard most highly. They are then asked which book they would take with them; they are automatically given the Complete Works of Shakespeare and either the Bible or another appropriate religious or philosophical work. Guests also choose one luxury, which must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside.

So having said all that is now time my eight pieces and a short expiation of why

Number One is Journey of The Sorcerer – Joby Talbot,

I grew in a house full of old cassette tapes of all kind of things, The Loneliness of the long distance Runner, The Wind in the Willows, even the odd Shakespeare play and when I was too old for bed time stories my mother would let me pick out whichever one I would like, and the one that I would play the most was and still is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams , it just invokes so much all have do is hear those first few bars of the banjo and I am that young child again. And it also ties into my love Si-fi

Number Two Nights in White Satin – The Moody Blues

Following on from the spoken word cassette there music ones as well I and when I started to play them as well this song was one of the first songs I wanted to hear all the time,
I didn’t understand all the words but the images and the way it voices are built layer by layer on what such a simple song, Like I said I hear first on a cassette tape, but it was only when I went out a found the full seven and half minute version on the LP/CD Days of Future Passed can you hear every little thing, like the violins as the built yet more towards the end

Number Three Penny Lane – The Beatles

I could have picked any Beatles song and been happy with it, But I like song that tell a story that can take you out of the place your in or make you think,
And for me that’s want Penny Lane does first it takes my to the place John and Paul are talking about there childhood of Liverpool in the late 1950 and second to cold winter nights in Manchester when me and Dad go to see the bootleg Beatles which start when I was 16
Every year they perform the song and have a member of there band play an old metal fire extinguisher which always gets a huge cheer, and each time I hear the song I am back in the theatre as we all shout and cheer for a man playing a fire extinguisher

Number Four The Connection- The Frank Ricotti All Stars

This an other on the those old cassette but this time from the local library in fact it comes from a soundtrack album from at Tv drama called The Beiderbecke The Connection by the late Alan Plater all about two school teacher in the north of England one who likes coronet player Bix Beiderbecke and other who doesn’t (I am making sound boring but its not, if you I would beg, borrow but not steal a copy on DVD)
You have understand I was born in 1981 long before, 24 hour TV, super fast downloads and all wonderful things child have today so when there was anything good on TV as long it wasn’t to grown up, we all sit down and watch it we would even tape the show to watch over, Which I still have somewhere but now they have been super seeded by copies on DVD

Number Five Tomorrow With Me – Sammy Davis Jr.

I am huge Rat Pack fan, Frank, Sammy and Dean they were rock and roll before the term was even really understood, ok there personal lives were a mess and most of there songs are done to death now by most people who don’t know how to even carry a tune. So most people don’t take much notice of the later songs and if they do its always Candy Man, That’s Amore and My Way , one such this I never hear it on the radio yet Sammy gives it 100% as he did with everything and it a lot happier than Mr. Bojangles

Now we come the first of the only two female singers in this list, That makes me sound bad yes I know, I have huge list of female singers Billie Holiday, Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day the list goes on, But when I was growing up there was group called the Spice Girls which kind of turned me off girl groups so its taken me this long to get back on the right track

Number Six Eff-Yeah-Nerdfighters – Nicole Dieker

Nicole can only be described as a pure musician, its all her as she says “My band is Hello, The Future! I am the only person in my band.” And she means it from the writing, to playing all the instruments right down to the art work on the hand made CD albums.
I guess its going to old cassette tapes again only with age of the internet shelve has just got bigger, I found Nicole on an Podcast by Mitch Benn and mix in with all the others was her song called Really Awesome Johns. After that I found she has her own You Tube page which full of amazing sing
And was hard pick out just one but she write this one for thing called Nerdfighters project for awesome which proves people can change the world,
When I was growing the word Nerd was use to single people out, something people would call you to be cruel yet now its something be proud of.

Number Seven Just Be- Paloma Faith

Paloma has been around for a few years now some people call her a retro singer, old school and even a ballad singer. It hard to really define her at only 27 her voice sounds like Billie Holiday, Aimee Mann or Etta James as if she has spent years smoke filled bars, trying so hard to be heard over the din.
The first song of her I hear was Stone Cold Sober all a little to flash just another dance track or that’s wont it sounded like but after watching her perform it became something more, But its only when they strip away all noise of the around her can her true voice
Just Be is just simple her voice a piano and nothing more, it’s the end of argument between two people who love each so much that the rest of the world no longer matter and then all they need to is just be with each other,
The whole LP/CD Fall to Grace is like simple four and half minute snapshot of life making the end of something huge, something life changing, but not only that the rebirth of something new

Number Eight Unchained Melody- Peter Sellers

Now you may think I have lost my mind by picking this one but just hear me out, Unchained Melody is a huge song, its every were been in some many films is no longer funny, In fact even I have four versions on my computer.
But the Peter Sellers one just out and out funny, along with the other two Goons Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe they rip the song a part, Sellers singing in a high pitch school boy voice as Milligan and Secombe try to put him off and if that wasn’t crazy they crowbar in the own song in half way threw.
Then the whole thing falls down and they end up laughing at the whole mess, and no matter how many times I hear I end up doing the same

So we coming to the end of this one sided Desert Island Discs it only remains my book chose and one luxury and that would be the complete works of Gregg Taylor which so far three Red Panda novels and one Black Jack Justice why then because there appeal to both the child in me and my grown up side
My luxury would a tape recorder so could make record of my time on the island

As always if you have do thank you for read and I hope you past on the idea in your own blog or vlog


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